Wildcard: Tabitha Wolfram and The White Wellness Hour – Embodiment and Disembodiment (2-14-19)

Tonight Tabitha talks to Callwen about the transhumanist agenda, the Christian connection to schizophrenia, eating disorders, EMF’s, the effects of not drinking alcohol, reclaiming yoga, and the Aryan connection to the Natural world.

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Anthony Roberts

The jewish supremacists want us to navel-gaze on their six million distractions. This is why they spend our billions to create thirty-three contradictory experts, theories or philosophies for every human experience.

My advice: live as simply and natural as possible, and limit taking in their electronic mind-c#$p goo. They want us to over-think this, while they are busy genociding us.

PS Good show ladies. Just to connect with people who get this great deception, is very positive and naturally strengthening.


OMG, you two. I’ve heard much on A.I., but this really goes further in regards to the program they’re pushin’. That’s some scary stuff you’re exposing, and I’ve only listened to the first 34 minutes so far. That clip between 30:00 and 34:30 shells out some of the most vicious programming I’ve ever heard, the ruthless push to drain us of our intelligence and humanity in order to make us into machines that they likely think will serve them better. And we, in our current state (pre-implants, I guess) are referred to as, “humans at the lowest level of reality.” How dare he!!/they!! And I heard McKenna in there with his mumbo-jumbo, trying to convince me that this is a very spiritual process and that… Read more »


Yes, that’s ‘Old Ladyvoice McKenna’ talking about the earth blanketed in electricity completing the trinity – the holy spirit. I didn’t talk about entrainment, which I’ve felt – it’s the physical / energetic pull you can feel from emf or wifi energies. And there are patents to entrain the nervous system – via different devices or montors / laptops. I was unwittingly ensorcled by these energies in an environment that unfortunately acted as a kind of ferriday cage for many years and didn’t realize it. I had symptoms like vertigo that I ascribed to solar flares or the ‘raising of the vibration’ narrative that was so dominant pre-2012. I know now that I was being entrained – as many are out there – when you… Read more »


Thanks for sharing your story. I’d like to see the whole toxic enterprise (5G) dismantled. On a positive note, it does seem that more and more are exposing it. I hope we make a difference.

The other aspect to it all is the ugliness. A blight on the landscape. But then again, pushin’ ugly is part of the onslaught. Ya can’t beat the combination of beauty and health, especially when a little truth is thrown in. — 🙂

Speaking of trees…


Tabitha Wolfram

Thanks Elizabeth I’m glad the show got you fired up as well. The more people who speak out about the transjewmanism agenda, the better. This filth and degeneration must stop. A good strategy I find when talking to others is find some common ground you can agree on and then seed the information from there.


Thank you, again. And I’m glad you guys mentioned the importance of trees. I, too have a profound connection to them, from the humblest saplings to the greatest giants. I embrace each as a kind of elder brother.


This was a great show. The 2 hours went by so fast. I didn’t want it to end. Look forward to hearing more from you both.

Tabitha Wolfram

Callwen: I did some digging on Heineken beer and found out it is GMO free but not glyphosate free. The dry skin you expereinced whilst drinking could definitely be caused by the pesticides in the beer which affect the microbiome and the liver. If do do drink beer I tend to stick to Weihenstephaner which has been brewed in Germany since 1040.

Here’s some harmful ingredients that are commonly found in beer:
GMO Corn Syrup
GMO Corn
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Fish Bladder
Propylene Glycol
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
Natural Flavors
GMO Sugars
Caramel Coloring
Insect-Based Dyes


Thanks for telling me – I told my man this morning (not when he’s enjoying his beer) and the wheels are turning. It’s disappointing to learn, but it might explain some of his stomach pains and lately he’s thought he had an ulcer. I recently saw that Hungary was considering an official ban on Heineken for its red star logo, (and incidentally, when you turn it upside down, the reversed mirror view shows 666 – I’ll post in chat). I’m not surprised Germany has superior beers and just looking at their website is fortifying to see they’re keeping high standards. I spent my peak drinking years in Germany where in those days everyone smoked, but the beer was surely better healthwise than what’s on offer… Read more »

You don’t need bees! You can use maple syrup or agave nectar instead.


Have you made it? What all goes into it? I also wanted to look into making my own natural sodas. It’s the summer that gets me, ’cause I need cool beverages but want a healthier choice than beer.

I haven’t yet but honey-free mead is something I have planned. I’ve personally cut out alcohol to an extreme degree than others. I don’t have an interest in anything that isn’t vegan mead, wine or pure moonshine (which is difficult to find). Instead, I’m looking towards Kava and various teas. Kvass sounds interesting as well. One disadvantage to maple syrup is that it will take longer in the fermentation process, from what I’ve read, to achieve maple notes in the taste. Our society conditions people for the “quick fix” so I can see how that may turn someone off. As for agave nectar, doesn’t seem to be that problem as far as I know. My personal plan is to make both at the same time… Read more »

Not to mention that honey extraction is a slippery slope. Bees naturally produce excess honey that they consciously store for whenever they need it. If a keeper removes too much of that excess honey, it will harm (and possibly kill) the entire colony. Remember, honey is THEIR main food source, especially for larvae. If generations don’t have access to their naturally assigned food source, they cease to exist. Plain and simple. We really don’t need honey, beeswax, or bee-related byproducts anymore. I’ve come across “conscious beekeepers” who still insist that that they can have their cake and eat it too when it comes to what constitutes “excess honey”. Like virtually all animal related products, I’d really like to see people detach themselves from their supposed… Read more »


We never got to the point of taking their honey – since they swarmed before the first year and we knew not to take it. I don’t know if it’s helping to have hives and multiply them – as some claim – or if it’s better not to mess with Mother Nature (maybe the latter).

Have you ever tried making shrubs Callwen? https://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-a-fruit-shrub-syrup-174072


I’d like to try making batches of that well before the hot season – thanks, looks do-able.


Factory Farm Chicken sees Sunlight and Grass for the first time:




I have very much enjoyed your shows. Your focus is in an area not readily covered in “our” sphere of podcasts and is definitely needed to enhance our collective mental and physical well-being. Keep up the great work!!

Tabitha Wolfram

Happy to hear to are enjoying the content of the broadcasts. It is affirming and inspiring thank you. The White Wellness Hour will be back next week as part of the regular show lineup.


This was an excellent show! I hung on every word the yogic doctor spoke and agree whole heartedly! It feels very comforting and confirming to listen to other like mind kindreds! It feels as a much needed elixir over my at times weary soul! Thank you kindly for all you discussed Callwen and Tabitha ♥️ Shows such as these are incredibly therapeutic ♥️ I’m incredibly grateful you shared about California wines being laden with glysophate. I never thought of this and I have been guided not to drink at all anymore. I have an occasional glass of wine but don’t want to any longer. I soak up this type of information as a sponge! Thank you❣️


Is there a text format for the radio shows – shoot I’m getting older and forget the technical name for those but I would to read this rather than listen to it. It’s much quicker. TRANSCRIPT – that’s what I’m looking for, is there a transcript to this show?