Wildcard: Tabitha Wolfram and The White Wellness Hour – Perversions of Yoga (1-31-19)

Tonight Tabitha does her first solo show where she discusses the anti-White and degeneracy agendas in the yoga world.  She also talks about tantra, spinal health, black yoga, jewish yoga, Kemetic (Egyptian) yoga and why there is no Whites only yoga.

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Wonderful show Tabitha. Thank you for taking time out of your life to contribute to Renegade. I can’t wait to hear more from you.

Tabitha Wolfram

Thanks Sinead!

Anthony Roberts

Well done Tabitha. You are a natural. So, even yoga cannot escape the profit, politics and perversions of the jewish supremacists. It comes as no surprise, but with shows and info like this, on the only genuine pro-White site, our people can and will make good future choices.

Tabitha Wolfram

Thanks Anthony. Indeed every outlet has the propensity to be defiled and devalued. And yes my hope is that a wider audience such as the new agers or yogis become aware of the hidden hand.


Can you recommend any kundalini yoga youtube teachers, and other faves online? I look forward to seeing how you develop this Aryan yoga.
Yoga seems all over the map otherwise – I took at bikram in chelsea (nyc) from ex-broadway dancers and some of them seemed only to care that we had our toes pointed and moved together as a class!

Tabitha Wolfram

I like Kimilla on YouTube for kundalini yoga. I find her to be one of the most authentic kundalini sources on YT.
She is usually the only kundalini kriya (or exercise) channel I watch. When it comes to mantra, there are many kundalini mantras available on YT that you can meditate along to. I just got this very resourseful book called Kundalini Yoga: Techniques for Developing Strength, Awareness and Character by Athanasios Megarisiotis.
Bikram seems to be very by the book given its 26 posture done twice sequence. It gives a good sweat, but kundalini offers much more.


That section on the Sydney “””yoga””” class was painful to listen to, yikes! I just don’t understand the perversion of something like yoga, like if what you’re seeking is meditation then why not just do normal yoga instead of pseudo-rape yoga? Fair disclaimer, me and my ex used to be into bdsm stuff, and in my experience I think what they might be getting confused is the difference between dissociation in response to trauma and an actual sense of mindfulness or spiritual awareness. Shifts in consciousness are not all equal, obviously, and the feelings of disconnect and dissociation I would get when my bf would (for lack of a better word) abuse me are the complete opposite of what I feel when mindfully practicing yoga.… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram

Thank you for sharing your story Paige. I too speak from experience in reagards to bdsm. More than a decade ago, I found myself in an abusive relationship with a total untermensch. Looking back I believe I was seeking a deep spiritual connection but did not know about tantra.

Tantra is to Aryan as bdsm is to jew. I also have found yoga do be an excellent healing tool – which is just another reason on a long list why this kink yoga is dangerous and damaging.


what a toxic BS letter. I could barely listen …. Thanks for the interview… A counter letter needs to be written. The history of yoga is another rabbit hole. Consider the massive Indo European migrations–tribes travelling to the far WEST (Ireland) and the far east (Hindus Valley) and southern Asia…I live in an area where there is a lot of yoga–very soulful teachers. White. The fact that white people do yoga and are drawn to yoga is because it is part of our SPIRITUAL heritage. It is rooted in our DNA. It was culturally appropriated by the rishis. ..patriarchy a mask for stealing people’s souls. Particularly women’s souls…most white women are shells due to not believing in their power and their natural affinity for the… Read more »


“Sanskrit is the mother tongue of the Irish ” Interesting theory, please elaborate.


Hey steeley…research the proto-indo-european language (“first” Indo Europeans –from the Caucasus mountains–Russia/Ukraine area of today’s world) over many many centuries migrated to other parts of the world. Indo European is a language that can be found in many languages, including Sanskrit–the basis of Hindustani and Old Irish. You have to weed your way through a lot of research which carries some partial truths and distortions–especially the word “Aryan” as this is so charged and triggers instant pc responses. No one will touch this in academia for obvious reasons. Much has been “culturally appropriated” from the Aryan race. Ironic barely describes it…hey… It is probable that Aryan people lived in the Indus valley and developed a strong culture similar to what was established in Ireland (sharing… Read more »


Thanks for the prompt and concise response, i was hoping that you could provide new insight previously unknown to me but it seems we are drawn to similar conclusions due to the available info.


Thank you Tabitha! You are a natural broadcaster indeed! I always enjoy your shows and looking forward to more❣️

mike angelo

I do hot yoga Bikram style although the studio I attend no longer call it Bikram. I find it hard and I’m not very flexible and have joint damage in knees and hips. But the benefits combined with a whole food plant based diet have helped me to get in control of arthritis.
Thanks for your interesting show.