Wildcard: Tabitha Wolfram and The White Wellness Hour – Yoga & Nationalism (2-7-19)

Tonight Tabitha discusses the multiculturalism being pushed in the yoga and organic food worlds, as wells as the connection between yoga and NS Germany, Indian Nationalism, the gluten free scam and a daily ayurvedic routine.

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Great discussion! Thank you kindly❣️I appreciate the tips for morning and evening routines. One could apply dry skin brushing using a natural bristle brush for the self massage. Begin at the bottoms of feet and work your way up. It’s very nourishing for the lymphatic system etc! Also wanted to mention from your previous regarding Swiss Kris. It might be a good idea to drink the herbal water after you steam?

Tabitha Wolfram

Yes I dry brush my body and sometimes my face before I shower. I also use scrubby gloves in the shower to further exfoliate and stimulate the lymph.
I have never drank the Swiss Kriss after I steamed my face with it, but I’m sure you could if you wanted to. Could also feed it to plants or chickens but would double check that the herbs are safe for doing so.


Good idea on the scrubby gloves! I’ll try to drink the herbs and see what happens!


Great show Tabitha.


Cool topic!

mike angelo

At my hot yoga studio they are going to start lessons in acroyoga. Dosen’t appeal to me. Do you have any info about that?. For myself I just want to do Bikram style. I’m actually listening to your audio now. Seems very good.

Tabitha Wolfram

Glad you are enjoying the show.
I tried acroyoga twice – once with the straps and once without them. I found it to be more novel than anything but fun anyway. It allows the body to get into some unique poses while using the stretchy strap. I like the hot yoga, but I’m finding myself more drawn to kundalini yoga these days. In ayurvedic terms, I’m pitta dominant and excess heat makes me even more fiery than I already am. I try to limit my hot yoga to once a week.

mike angelo

I’m pita dominant also (pitta/kapha) and am a bit fiery sometimes after a hot yoga session. I do 3 sessions a week. But I have also a lot of joint damage . I haven’t tried kundalini but I used to do tai chi qi gong which is good but it really didn’t get into my joints. The thing is with hot yoga I often feel tired and hurt a bit in my joints the following day. But it has helped in many ways and I’m much stronger. Although I’m not very flexible at all.

Tabitha Wolfram

Turmeric is good for your joints and eucommia bark helps with flexibility. Eucommia Bark comes from a small tree native to China, often called the “Chinese rubber tree” because of its latex-bearing qualities. The bark of the tree has been used for many centuries as a tonic herb because it has great effects on increasing the overall strength of the skeletal structure. It also increases energy. You can make a golden milk with these these two herbs. Golden Milk 1/8 teaspoon turmeric 1/4 cup cup water 1/2 teaspoon eucommia bark 1 cup milk of choice 1 tablespoon smooth almond butter or raw almond oil raw honey to taste Cook the turmeric until a thick paste forms. Meanwhile bring the milk with the nut butter/oil to… Read more »

mike angelo

Thanks for the tip about eucomia bark. I have taken turmeric and curcumin but as I’m on a program for arthritis which restricts the use of all oils I don’t consume it. Maybe I could prepare it without oil.The plant based program is here :