Wildcard: The VeGAINator – The Opium War Against White Americans (7-21-17)

The VeGAINator, who has recently been censored like crazy, returns for a show about how the real drug war in America is driving White people to suicide. Many aspects are discussed, such as Florida pill mills, US soldiers guarding poppy abroad, the big money in getting people hooked, the devastating results, and much more.

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This was an interesting show. Even up here in the northeast I see all the pills and heroin stuff. The (((MSM))) is admitting that whites are dying from it faster , but yet once again the (((media))) are trying to play it off as “white privilege” or something. Damn they can never leave us alone, if it was another race I would never laugh or anything. Plus you’re right it’s so hard to find anything organic or healthy. I too have to go out of my way and spend more money to find things.

Hi Andrew. This may seem superficial but I just have to comment on your new haircut. In short, I love you and your courage and passion, (though I wish you’d take a breath now and then) but I hate your haircut. Funny this happens at the same time as Kyle’s show on the value of hair. I was remembering the photos of you at the AIPAC protest and how utterly handsome you looked. Your hair framed your face, accentuating your chiseled features and your deep blue eyes. Natural beauty is breathtaking and (speaking only for myself) a reflection of the physical being’s connection with the spiritual. So pure it can be frightening. Well, of course you are free to do whatever you choose yet I… Read more »

I thought he looked awesome with the mane as well. I assumed he was trying to ‘start something’ by growing it out. But no, mohawk. Which looks alright, sort of Third Reich looking.

Re: Trayvon Martin – Trayvon Martin never existed. The Trayvon Martin case was another Staged Atrocity Deception Operation. The Department of “justice” under negro Eric Holder orchestrated the entire thing and even engineered the subsequent court proceedings. The operation was designed to portray a “poor wayward negro” as a victim while the alleged shooter was portrayed as a mixed-race hispanic with a jewish surname. The Department of “justice” has a long history of engineering faked and manipulated court cases that are reported on by the complicit media as being “real”. The Trayvon Martin case was orchestrated by the same Psyop group that brought you Sandy Hook.

It boggles the mind to understand how an entire nation(s) ie China can succumb the the jew voodoo of opium or Europeans wherever they reside to also fall prey to the jew voodoo of drugs & or alcohol, don’t get me wrong I was & am no perfect man but at some point when do we start to take personal responsibility?
I think once one becomes jew wise & understands “We jews you lose” then recovery begins.

“‘with jews you lose”

I have are the USA alone takes 40% of the drugs produced for the entire globe. A person can eat cheap organic there is oatmeal, an carrots are not expensive. I got to fresh an thyme for a lot of the harder to find stuff, but schnucks has the best black organic black berries an strawberries. I can find organic vegan cheese there as well.

If you are going to eat organic try getting wholesale with a bunch of people. Retailers mark up organic food more than they do regular stuff. They know people who are into organic are prepared to pay more.

Even better if you grow your own organic fruit and vegetables. I grew up around a lot of Italians and quite a few of them had their own vegetable gardens and made their own sausages and pasta.

Thank you very much for another great broadcast, VeGAINator, and for the exquisit choice of music.

I buy organic supplements like fulvic acid minerals (to replace the minerals lost in distillation), seaweeds and hemp seeds / raw almonds from Dr Cassar’s Earth Shift (https://earthshiftproducts.com/).. he’s an interesting vegan in hawaii healing people with detox / fasting retreats.. I occasionally buy from The Raw Food World (owned by a seemingly benevolent jew who goes by Matt Monarch interestingly, and an english woman now living in Ecuador doing the same thing, ”raw retreats”. Both sites are pretty spendy (I think), so I really only buy the on sale stuff, because they do have pretty good markdowns when they have em’. They say eating healthfully is expensive, and it certainly can be if you get lost in the supplements / super food craze, but… Read more »
The solution to the “drug” war is to first realize the whole thing is a sham that jews and shabbbos goy have used to enslave and torment the population. How can anyone even attempt with a straight face to speak of a “drug” war when the term is absolutely and utterly meaningless and illogical? When alcohol (only DRUG to be banned constituonally)–which causes more health problems and costs more to society than EVERY single “drug” put together–is perfectly fine, even promoted, you have a serious contradiction that can’t be easily explained away or reconciled with reality (ditto for tobacco, caffeine, processed sugar, which according to ZNN itself, is EIGHT times more addictive than cocaine!). Pill mills?? As a chronic pain sufferer (and people who talk… Read more »

And that raises a very important question: why are so many “truthers” fixated on the “drug” war while saying nothing or next to nothing concerning the beyond-words criminal conduct in practices conducted against the people such as civil asset forfeiture? I find this incredibly disturbing, as these are apparently “enlightened” people who seem to be promoting what the jewish-corporate-security-intelligence apparatus pushes ad infinitum without end through all their organs of intellectual pollution and vast resources.

Titus, you make some really good points. I just heard someone refer to those ”truthers” as ”feeders”… hadn’t heard that one before but I suspect that’s exactly what they are.. feed ya just enough to get you hooked, so you think you’ve come to some kind of conclusion, when in fact – there’s more than what meets the eye… My father died of an opiod overdose from ten years of physical pain. A girl went to school with a few years ago, also named Amber, her father died same thing.. how many otherwise good men have we lost thus far? I shudder to think.. I don’t personally innerstand the physical, debilitating pain, although I have known plenty of folks throughout my life who have (and… Read more »

My dear mother RIP has had tooth cavities drilled & filled, even one pulled and never took Novocain or any pain meds but then again she birthed 5 children.

I’m sorry to hear about your daily physical pain friend. It’s hard enough to survive in this jew hell when relatively healthy, let alone like yourself in constant pain. Respect to you for being a fighter and survivor. I think Andrew was just trying to give an overview of how jews control all areas of our lives: medical, food, education, money. I think he is a caring individual, who is just trying to shock our sleepers out of their induced slumber. We have to remove jews from power to get back a natural way of living, including dealing with pain management. We know there are holistic and natural remedies to the few problems that would arise in a White society. These gods-given gifts should be… Read more »

Anthony Roberts-
I was told you had a YouTube channel. I searched it and only found an old guy standing in front of a book shelf (of coarse to falsely convey intelligence) talking about formerly being Jehova’s witness. Is this you? If it is, why don’t you have the courage to defend your European people on your (limited) platform? Why don’t you speak of white genocide or the JWO? Are you just a coward who comments on a forem where you know it’s safe for you? Pathetic.


First off, i want to apologize to Kyle & Sinead, and Renegade listeners, for creating this unnecessary drama. If you had refuted my original comment in a calm and intelligent manner, i would have apologized to you and your callers straight away. I can understand your initial anger, but there’s no reason for this continual yiddy fit! We all make mistakes including myself. But no, still talking crazy, and trolling me. I have no reason to engage with you. I stated my opinion, and you have done little to change my mind. Why not just apologize to Kyle & Sinead, explain the situation to them, and move on? That is not my channel. YT shoahed me over that coordinated weekend attack, along with everyone elses… Read more »

Sean, really? Your going to hijack this thread too? I so want to be nice, but you are a real pain in the ass.

You’re the coward you worthless piece of shit fuck off! God damn I can’t look at follow-up posts anymore my blood pressure won’t allow it. Thanks Sean!

Thanks Anthony I appreciate it. Point well taken and I didn’t mean to come out so harsh it’s just living with this constant struggle, on top of all the other constant struggles, really fries the nerves.

Check out earthclinic.com for good info on homeopathic remedies. Good luck, man.

You mention putting the Himalayan salt into distilled water to mineralize it. If you don’t know yet be sure to get stone ground pink salt otherwise it is ground with a blade an will have metals in it.

Looking forward to hearing you on the schedule VeGAINator 🙂