Wildcard: The VeGAINator – Ranting to Radicalize (7-14-17)

Andrew (The VeGAINator) returns to Renegade for a jam-packed two hours of analysis. He talks about the all-out assault against us, how we need to intelligently resist, the call for people to protest AIPAC in 2018, how people need to see through the jewtrix illusion, the military threat, biological weapons of mass destruction, healthy living, and more.

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7 years ago

thank you ANDREW! you are a great way to end the week; go ahead and just be on every Friday already! 🙂

Reply to  johnsmithrgb
7 years ago

Agreed! Haven’t finished the second hour, but very much appreciated the first!
I keep wondering…
Where are all the strong, intelligent, unafraid Men at?
The time to stand up, and speak up – is Now!!

Avenging my Son
Reply to  Amber
7 years ago

I read some of your comments the other night and heard you on the show speaking. You’re a real lovely lady with brains to spare. You made good sense. We must let all peoples and races and ethnicities see just how the loco tribe has raped their ancestors in the past. I’ve researched and am staggered that they’ve robbed and murdered 10’s of millions under other nations flags for eternity. They did the Babylonians under the Persian flag, the Persians under the Greek flag, Colonized under British, Spanish, Portugal, the Dutch’s flag. I realized the colonization thing while getting a grip on when the J’s took over those mentioned countries were taken over by their usury. You’ll find the false flag happened there too and… Read more »

Avenging my Son
7 years ago

The web is NOT a waste of time at all. I leave messages and at times I’ll have thousands of subscribers just from my comments. NOT a single vid. You all know these jewels. They stagger the minds in youtube vids that get millions of views. I also tell them to read THE NAMELESS WAR, THE HIDDEN HAND THE SECRET WORLD GOV. Also CONTROVERSY OF ZION and of course, THE PROTO”S OF ZIO. I hit all the religious sites of all types and it used to be they were surprised, now years later, they know already. It’s quite a great thing. “We (Jews) intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros…. ruled over by the Jews”. Jewish EU “Founding Fathers, Richard… Read more »

Avenging my Son
7 years ago

Oh, read these easy classic, THE NEW HISTORY OF THE JEWS, and THE GREAT JEWISH MASK. These two are block busters. Absolute classics and you can read them in hours. Another is THE SECRET HOLOCAUST. One more is THE BIOLOGICAL JEW. My friends, these get through bigtime.

Avenging my Son
7 years ago

Mr. Veggie, You are doing an outstanding job. You can wing it as good as anyone I’ve heard in a while. Your research packed head gives you audible capability like J. Montana. You can look off 5 receivers while the common qb would be sacked for a loss. Bravo.

7 years ago

Dear VeGAINator, Thinking about one thing you brought up regarding farm animals today I wonder how many young people even know what Capon means!? I support Veganism and animal rights but I agreed with you that sadly most domesticated animals for food are already destroyed at a genetic level from birth but I just wanted to point out that the despicable murder of male chicks was not always the case! IT hurts my heart to think about. As far as the military I can personally tell you that in the Army, though I don’t have the exact statistics you have probably at least 50% of the Officers are women today and many are non-white. Though I admit the Officers of troops sent into combat like… Read more »

Tristan Kent
Reply to  Konrad Rhodes
7 years ago

I always wondered about how the jews use the military to inject their poison. That is fascinating. The jew just gives people fucking bagels after starving them, and now they’re demolishing all known life. Among other deep evils of course.

Reply to  Tristan Kent
7 years ago

Yes indeed Truth is so often stranger than fiction in this inversion of natural order we suffer today. I will state that Basic Combat Training under National Socialism was quite severe as well and involved similar rigors as well to establish discipline to the best of my knowledge. However to my knowledge it did not involve brainwashing and the degeneration of the person into basically a domesticated pet that gobbles up whatever slop is put in front of them when their master allows in such a short period of time that the young men and women can’t even chew their food and often suffer stomach cramps and poor health because of this but, of course, also because it is garbage processed prison food these young… Read more »

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