Wildcard: The VeGAINator – Waging War Against White Genocide (5-26-17)

The VeGAINator (who also streamed out the video of this show) lays out the jewish agenda to destroy the White race, all of the different tactics that are employed to keep us distracted and ineffective, how Richard Spencer handled the show with Charles Barkley, how we can further the fight while most are complacent and compliant, and much more.

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Richard Spencer is a crypto jew shill who deliberately uses poor strategy, unfavorably emotionally loaded language, and he says exactly what they want him to say. Same as Trump (He’s a jew as well. You don’t need to bother with genealogies, etc. You will know them by their actions. There’s nothing special about being a jew.) They will never give attention to someone who can speak intelligently, persuasively, and who knows suppressed history. Do your research.


Richard Spencer is right on a couple of talking points. His method of defending his views are weak however. The greatest point is that there is no equality in nature. Nature is all about difference. Spencer says what white people think, but are too afraid and bullied to speak about. This damn nation in 50 years has accomplished what the Jewish planners wanted, black and white race mixing that is now accepted. As soon as the integration was complete, the black boys started sniffing after those white girls that they could never have gotten close to before. It took time to further indoctrinate the parents and students that all was fine in paradise and everybody is free to be with whomever they want. Love is… Read more »


Yes, he has to be right on a few points to gain some trust first. Deception. Richard Spencer is not a good look. They know people are so desperate for ‘a leader’ that they will make excuses. He just says what people ALREADY know. The vast majority of people who like him ALREADY agreed with him. He makes NO significant difference, except to make white people look bad.

I would LOVE it if Netanyahu or the Roths said horrible things that totally discredited them, but they’re not that stupid. They are PR and social engineering masters. They could’t maintain their power if they weren’t. They KNOW THEIR AUDIENCE and how to win.

John SmithRGB

gatekeepers/shills will present some accurate information but deceive as well


Is there not some exhortation in the Talmud to lie to those who are not part of the ‘Tribe’? Deceiving people has thus been part of their ‘arsenal’ for centuries and centuries and centuries …


Awesome show! Looking forward to more.


That comment about Richard Spencer’s children being brown made my blood boil. It pissed me off that it was said to spencer even more because spencer doesn’t tote the white genocide line. There could have been so much more said that would bring in our genocide into peoples mind by bringing up how that is genocide. Instead this black man was allowed to gleefully exclaim how whites will be gone through miscegenation and no one sees it as wrong.


Good show! Hopefully more to come.


As usual agreed with everything.

If you want to know what HUD wants to do to your town, check out the documentary called “Spanish Lake”. It’s worth a watch.


I am getting ready to watch and I already know my blood is going to boil. Thanks for the discovery to this documentary.


Does anyone have a source where I can see that the Talmud actually says things like “Kill the best of the goyim” because the online Talmud does not have these things, and I can’t read Hebrew to read a real Talmud. I have heard Benjamin Freedman wrote a bit about the Talmud.


Your name is not going to garnish much sympathy here to get replies of value. Ask a rabbi website for your answer. See what you get as a response. And oh, they will probably want to charge you for getting an answer to your question!


@Diane “Your name is not going to garnish much sympathy here to get replies of value”. Not sure what that means, I was addressing a claim by the vegainator, not to be tangled up in a drama battle that you seem to want to initiate. Maybe white sharia would be a useful idea for some. The jews are guilty of plenty, but if the Talmud doesn’t actually say the things that people say it does then it can be used against you that you’re making things up. An interesting passage from that comeandhear website Mischling linked to, it addresses that people say the talmud says its okay to molest children, when according to the website it is saying if a child is molested then she… Read more »


‘A far more serious accusation than name-calling is made when anti-Semites echo the blood libel and claim that Jewish law enjoins or permits Jews to murder non-Jews whenever feasible. To support this allegation polemicists cite a passage in the Jerusalem Talmud2 stating in the name of R. Simeon b. Yochai (mid-second century C.E.) that “The best of the non-Jews should be killed.”’ [from the Anti Defamation League]: http://www.come-and-hear.com/supplement/adl-talmuds.html This website describes itself as ‘Meet the Talmud and the students of the Talmud — Three and a half million words of the uncensored Talmud on line, with discussions on its place in the modern world by Elizabeth Dilling, Rabbi Dr. J. H. Hertz, Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein, Rabbi Michael Rodkinson, Rabbi Israel Brodie, Rabbi Dr. Louis… Read more »


Still they want our inheritance. Whichever way you cut it, it is just their way of waging war and claiming for themselves, through manipulation and staying off the conscious radar. None of them will condemn their international parasitic bretheren and actually DO SOMETHING about preventing them from infesting the world through other nations. A load of bollocks if you ask me, fuck them all.

John SmithRGB

the third hour on his site; wow! #ironman. I learned not to talk so fast, and the flow is a lot more even


If white Americans would just stand up and state that they ARE racist, that they ARE anti-Semitic, that they ARE against anyone that is against the white man there is nothing the blacks and the Jews can do. Until it is illegal to be racist and anti-Semitic, what does it matter?
Because it is either you are or you are not willing to fight against your own destruction of future generations for the good of white mankind. Which will you be?


This will never happen because the majority of Whites are Leftists/Marxists/Christian Zionists/sell outs/have non white friends and family members/are into celebrities/Hip Hop/are big sports fans, etc.. Some like music don’t seem important by themselves, but compound all those all together and they have well over half of whites covered. Jews know how people’s emotions work. The US and Europe were very white not too long ago and look how easy it was for jews to subvert that. This is why I don’t like when people try to make it into a white issue. Jews actually hate all non jews, they just don’t want to seem too racist yet. Exposing jews and demonizing them is the best strategy. Follow the same strategies/talking points anti whites/jews use… Read more »

Most of the dupes who go round calling people “racist” do not know what they are saying. Generally they are the self gratifying types and as thick as two short planks. You can see where the word “Race” actually came from long ago, and it means “Family”:


Consider that fact and how the fellow who wrote Morals and Dogma, was really talking about the Family Unit, so when someone makes the accusation they are unwittingly saying they don’t like their own family and don’t want you to like your own either, bwaha, dingus ! 🙂


Interesting. I like your point, buy that will always be an ugly word no matter what. Most of the power that word has is because it ends with a hard consonant and has the same sound in the middle that snakes, cats, etc. make as a threat so it’s instinctively threatening. Same as the word ‘antisemitic’. Compare ‘antisemitic’ to ‘anti-jew’ and it’s obvious which one is harsher. ‘Prejudiced’ is not a very harsh word and many anti-whites will admit they are prejudiced. They want people to say Nazi with a hard ‘t’ a hissing ‘s’ sound for the same reason and regardless of how that word first sounded it’s now the norm. ‘Z’ sounds tend too be easy on the ears, like zephyr, breeze, cozy,… Read more »

Foster XL

I was very close to just saying “fuck off” to “Diane” here when I first read “her” comment but I’ve calmed down a little bit since then so I’ll just say this – those are the enemy’s words you want us to adopt “Diane”. You should (and probably do) know where the word “racist” came from. If you don’t you definitely need to do more homework before you come in here telling “white Americans” what to say & do! Now run along & go do that rather than making stupid/intentionally subversive comments here. Btw, the reason I put “Diane’s” name in inverted commas – well, let’s just say that there’s been a bit of a run lately on anons using single female names to comment… Read more »


Just for the record, a ridiculous majority of KIKES come from southern Russia. They’re about as “semitic” as a polar bear.
The word “racism” was invented by the big-lipped jewish cunt Bronstein/Trotsky. And yes, that was the nicest thing I can say about him.