Wildcard: Wardo Rants – The International Threat of Odious Debt (3-21-17)

Eddy gets on the air to discuss how chaos and cruelty are unleashed upon the world by the familiar criminals, taking a look at Russia, the US under Trump, Africa and elsewhere. He takes a number of calls on a lively show.

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Now that the kike subhumans are openly attacking Syria (as opposed to their passive-aggressive clandestine kikery via ISIS), what are the odds that Putin shows his true colors as a kike puppet himself?
Sorry to any Putin fans here, but I absolutely REFUSE to believe that the jews had control over Russia for 80-some years of judeo-communism, but then just sulk and kick rocks when Putin supposedly booted out the kike oligarchs there? Putin is the kike-approved “president” of the nouveau USSR.

Russia has been infested with jews since the year dot. TO believe Putin is not Putin up an act is just plain disingenuousness or complicity.

OH ho ho, would you not believe it. The date is 3/22/2017 or 3/22 in kqbbawlah date format. Some incident involving a stabbing in Westminster London has allegedly happened, and the news is going spastic, making assumptions, throwing buzzwords and squeaking on about terrorist activity in it’s usual accusatory but vague way. Oh lord the debacle was such stagecraft, the news networks seem to be very cleanly organised and ahead of the time, I wonder how terrorists have a chance.

ALso nice catch on the Big Ben time 3:22, and the road the A3211. That is some unreal amount for Planning (not Prophecy). There has to be some kind of tech (((they))) have acquired from somewhere.

Great show Eddie!
Keep them coming.

UPDATE: A facebook site of European origin has posted about the US government and Trumpet being in on Pizzagate, and that it all ties to Mossad CIA and israel! This is awesome. I never thought I would witness this but they are starting to speak about it!

Link please?

Wow, I found it. Second look, the poster says he is aware of the mossad and CIA being complicit. The article is about Trump jailing paedos. I apologise. There could be more added to it.


Trump has made donations to the CF all of his friends are fuc’n pedos .. his wife’s handler Paolo Zampolli a sex trafficker was made UN Ambassador to the Dominican republic just like Bill was made Un Ambassador to Haiti .. he’s neck deep in it

Looking for like-minded folks from Colorado for meetings and discussions. Sean are you interested?

By Odin… you were absolutely right… SADLY… check this http://truthuncensored.net/university-academics-say-pedophilia-is-natural-for-males-aroused-by-children/

The vomitous, toxoplamic kike pushes their filth. This is becoming reality and it is being promoted!!!

WARNING, you will be punching your monitor by the end of it so swap it out first.

“O’Carroll, the former PIE leader, was thrilled, and described on his blog how he joined Prof Tromovitch and a colleague for drinks after the conference. “The conversation flowed most agreeably, along with the drinks and the beautiful River Cam,” he said.”

I posted that multi jew picture of the immigration ” pure coincidence” in about 10 of my German and European groups on facebook and it has gone fucking nuclear LoL. Talk about throwing the cat among the pigeons. Although this sums up the whole situation on the jew problem that no one seems to grasp, the Germans are so sadly brianwashed:

This is the jew


Do you think he did it himself?

Just saw JohnSmith and Kyle video. It would have been good to be there, the whole energy looks good, but I don’t have a Tesla warp bracelet, I am waiting for the negro Pyramid Builders to invent that, since they are the original awesome.

Holy shit, Kyle is kicking ass with the kike reporter bitch. The annoying thing is that the background noise is far too loud and I can only make out bits of what is being said. But the Aryan warrior is not worrying 😉

Very good show. The part in the beginning where you mentioned how Palestine was quite developed then the kikejew toxoplasm began to displace them raised a flag in my head. It is the same pattern. The jew waits until it’s target has an infrastructure, THEN they start to burrow into the head. It was like after WW2 when they waited and whined until Germany bult itself up again, then they went back. Same with the USA, they let the Europeans settle and build up, then they began their corruption of government and are where we are today. Notably the mafia in the late 1800’s early 1900’s all kike paramorphs feeding from the goy work like the parasites they are. What we should do, is amnesty… Read more »

In fact that would be a VERY good thing for the economy!

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