Wildcard: White Privilege Is Worth Keeping (8-14-15)


Coconuts is going to tell you that your “White Privilege” is worth protecting. Among other things we’re going discuss some of my experiences with this idea of “White Privilege” and its historical absurdity. “White Privilege” is code for Western Civilization and its immense and undeniable success. Don’t let the Zombies programmed by the White Guilt and Anit-White propaganda force you to give up what your fathers have created for you. Would you like it if your child’s happiness, safety, and security were taken from them through affirmative action? What if the happiness you wished to preserve for their future with your own blood sweat and tears, was being given to the rest of the 3rd world children out of forces of guilt, coercion, and manipulation just to usurp the whole lot of them while blaming your child for their privilege. European children aren’t born racist and hating the rest of the world’s children because those other children weren’t blessed by the same success. With this terrible economy and the way the world is, many Europeans around the world don’t even benefit from this false assertion of “Privilege” anyways. So why even be offended? Why allow it to even be a political weapon? Wrong, right, or indifferent, not everyone on the Titanic will be saved my friends. By virtue of your ‘privilege” you may reach out to create happiness for the rest of those children or just work further to create happiness in your own life and legacy, but don’t shrink from some label like this. Embrace your so-called White Privilege. Your fathers wanted you to have this “privilege” so protect it.

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8 years ago

Interesting introductory show, touching upon a broad spectrum of topics. Important to have a fresh and different perspective to help fill in the ‘big picture’. Too often many of us get stuck in our own little corner of the universe. Hope to see you back again.

Brion K Baker
8 years ago

Good job Coconuts. I really enjoyed the show. It was like having a conversation with a good friend without having to say anything. Good luck in the future.

8 years ago

Thanks Fellas. I’ll be back this Friday. Be sure to tune and I’ll do my best to give you something good again and something new this time.
I’ll be going under the name Pat Privilege for now on.

8 years ago

And check out my article on the tribune!!! http://renegadetribune.com/duke-vs-jones-resurrection/

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