Will Miller

Second Look Radio is hosted by Will Miller, a researcher who is dedicated to reevaluating “concrete truths” and ensuring that controversial issues are confronted.    The majority of shows will be topic-based, encouraging others to call in with their own observations, or “Second Look”, on the information.   If you would like to contact Will, please email:  Will_SLR@yahoo.com

Second Look Radio w/ Will Miller 3-6-13

SecondLook 3-6-13

Will returns this week to SLR and is joined by Kyle Hunt.  Tonights discussion will center on the pyramid alphabet theory, number symbology and contortions, the ancient importance of dogs, Zion symbology, and the “beast”. Also Will chimes in on the new National Proctectionist stance of the network.

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Second Look Radio w/ Will Miller 2-20-13

SecondLook 2-20-13

Today on Second Look we will be discussing the topic of World Peace movements and initiatives. Exploring the possibilities of evolutionary peace, the soothsaying rhetoric of its followers, “leaders for peace”, creating the Liberal Utopia, and the tough question that will be posed throughout the entirety of the show….How many people will have to die to achieve the...Read More »

Second Look Radio w/ Will Miller 2-13-13

SecondLook 2-13-13

Tonight on Second Look we will focus on current events and topical issues within the conspiracy realm. I will start with an intro explaining how I began to become involved with this research and where I stand now.  Then we will have an open discussion on  Djorner Unchained, Sandy “Hook, Line, and Sinker”, the Revolution Business, JMSM, paid...Read More »

Second Look Radio w/ Will Miller 2-6-13

SecondLook 2-6-13

This week’s Second Look will focus on Mussolini and Fascist Italy.  Discussing the path to power of Il Duce, the conspiracies involving the creation of Fascism, the relationship with NS Germany, and much more.  Calls encouraged, and thank you for listening.

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