Mandating Modesty: Uncovering the Abrahamic Agenda to Oppress Women (6-24-24)

Kyle talks about how pushing for Abrahamic “modesty laws” is not the proper solution to the degeneracy of the West. There is a very clear agenda to blame “immodest” White women for the fall of the West, all while Abrahamic men solidify their control.

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Artemisia Imperatrix
18 days ago

Catal Hoyuk is the place from which Neolithic Farmers (Atlanteans) come from. Some identifies it with Atlantis because of the predominance of the bull, the Mother goddess, the vegetarian diet and the colors black, white and red everywhere. Also women played a prominent role in this society. Pelasgian culture comes from çatal hoyuk (the hill of the fork… or the trident?).
Basques and Sardinians claim to be atlanteans. Their traditional culture is also heavily pro-women. But such as was hyperborean culture, especially of you look at the Samis or the Scythians/Sarmatians and their Amazons.
In fact all white cultures, both atlantean and aryan, revere women. And those people have been in much more places than we think (ex : Arioi in Tahiti).

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