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8 years ago

Caller at the end here. Didn’t mean to say “cosmotheist view”. Meant to say “universalist” when Shaun was talking. Didn’t mean to cause disruption. Sorry for derailing, as I said in the start of the call. The laugh at the end was not out of suspicion of you cutting me of or anything like that. Was laughing at myself for being disorganized in my points at the end there. I think my point was pretty clear in the beginning of the call and then it fell apart. Not shatoautist – whoever. Not a trump supporter. Not alt right. Not trying to deligitimize what you guys are doing or fuck with you. Just a fan. Not offended by whatever assumptions were made about me. No big… Read more »

Reply to  rise_yesterday
8 years ago

Ok, got it. Chateau Autiste. Well, I think my point made is a legit point of attack and way of gathering large movements outside of zog’s usual m.o. that finds groups being controlled, one way or another. Hell, aren’t most nationalist causes in Europe oddly ceding ground or dismantled, year after year, decade after decade? I’d just hope something similar is already happening outside my field of view. I’d hope my people aren’t that dumb or apathetic.

Chris Taylor
8 years ago

Drew’s point of “we are fucked” is right. This is not a laughing matter. The enemy is in control and it’s army is in the castle walls. People wanting to side step or makes jokes really dont understand how dire a situation we find ourselves in presently. Good show.

8 years ago
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