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6 years ago

These Fing CI (Christian Identitarian‘s) are so messed up. I had a bunch of them on my case on a Brexit Party live stream and a few other videos the other day. They think they are the real Israelites, that Germany is Israel. Talk about spitting on your own blood! They also say Judasim is Paganism and therefore the Jews control all Pagans. Is that some insane #@€& or what! According to CI we Aryan Pagans are working for the Jew. Helping them destroy Christianity, Europe/the West and the white race. This insanity from the people who are part of an organization who are responsible for killing more Aryans than any other people. They are convinced this is a war of religion and not blood.… Read more »

Reply to  Nuada
6 years ago

It’s incredible how much insanity can be induced in people simply by writing some “holy” books.

Calling yourself a pagan is like calling yourself a goy. It’s a word the abrahamic insanity cults use to de-legitimize the competition for your mind. Personally I think all religions are nonsense. It’s truly incredible that so much has been written about and so many people murdered over non-existent entities like god, yahweh or allah. You might as well write all that nonsense and fight wars over the fucking tooth fairy. Humanity as a whole is pretty retarded.

6 years ago

Charles have you ever read the book Hiram Key? It goes into the Hyksos/Habiru taking over the Egyptian Southern kingdom like how they divide all nations into North an South. But the book claims the third degree represents them killing the Egyptian royal blood king of the North Sequenere Tao. He his remains show the blows to the head symbolic on the masonic third degree as well.

I heard the Hyksos identified with Apep the serpent of chaos an delusion an Set as a god of foreigners as well. Set’s early images where a crocodile an later he was red an has the huge Jew hook nose kind of makes you think its not a donkey or ant eater head.

Reply to  Brandon Lashbrook
6 years ago

Email this to him. He rarely reads comments.

6 years ago

This is all theory. It cannot be proved. I believe egyptians especially the pharoahs followed the left hand path. The jews had very little influence on egypt in the past, not very significant. The jews are not that powerful as we are told. The WASP elite are the true danger to our folk. Egypt was basically a dinaric race of white people and very little nordic assimiliation. This is propoganda for the incredulous and gullible “neonazi” morons. Worship of that little hitler faggot is a disservice to all white patriots. He was a failure and an agent of the elite !!! Putin is the man for the future, and Russia stated that the chem attack in syria was a UK fake op of course with… Read more »

Foster XL
Reply to  Mikhail
6 years ago

At least you told us your comment was all theory & cannot be proved! I would agree though that non-jewish “elite” (not my word for them) in most white countries are a major threat & have generally always been a ruthless enemy of the masses.

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