The Solar Storm: America’s Racial Powder Keg (3-8-15)


Kyle speaks to Victor Thorn and Dave Gahary about America’s Racial Powder Keg, a book that examines the controversial topic of race in the United States without the constraints of political correctness. This show, like the book, will cover topics from the founding of the country all the way up to recent events, demonstrating how race hustlers have distorted history, misrepresented facts, and outried lied in order to create an environment in which anti-White sentiment and violence is exploding. Can the situation be defused before America descends into an all-out race war?

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9 years ago

I think that powder keg you speak of was watered down by brainwashing in the early 80’s & replaced with a beer keg that resulted in a bunch of FAT stupid football watching idiots . We will be lucky to survive as an intact self sustaining White race within our own areas. But I am very optimistic that the numbers of us awake ones will make it through the dark times coming.

8 years ago

Strauss & Howe’s “Generation Theory” is a quick and easy way to understand generational character and context without degrading mutual interests. Parochial insults move all generations backward from our present position. In a past resolutely and intelligently held, while our new contemporary accusers, who ought to behave more like allies, may have yet been crying about being called a baby.

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