Arcane Semantics: Divisive Events & Local Strategies (7-2-18)

This airing we discuss some currently relevant strategies, topics and divisive events. We address an incident from this past weekend with similar engineering to that of the Charlottesville Unite the Right rally. Some brief updates of the Syrian war zone are included. We discuss George Soros and his NGOs a bit, some confirmations of their ties to U.S. taxpayer money and the implications of this. Some strategies are considered toward local gatherings and effective strategies for the times. We take a call from Ryan & Co. – Addressing the need to research the Holocaust narrative and some good starting information and sources. Some recent economic assessments and social engineering perspectives are included. In the final segment we are joined by Scarlett. We again address the lie of the Holocaust, awakening people, perspectives on our roles and some approaches we can take in our local communities.

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6 years ago

Hey Richard , Good topics on the show I just caught it on the download . The Syria subject for some reason feels to me like we should be able to use this Like you say , to elaborate on the Jewish influence and their plans to destabilise the area for jewish expansion. Really enjoy Scarlett’s input and by asking fellow wayward Researchers to disprove it you do end up putting it on them , great idea. I get that quite a bit as I go to maybe 5-7 sites on a busy day . One guy surprised me the other day and was very receptive when I explained how whites don’t have the same tribal loyalty like the Maori do down here. He completely… Read more »

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