Arcane Semantics: Michael Santomauro – Jewish Control: Both Foreign & Domestic (5-14-18)

This airing we have Michael Santomauro once again joining us. We discuss the current Israeli led agendas in the Middle East and the current Palestinian protests during this 70th anniversary of Nakba, or Catastrophe, the mass expulsion and dispossession from their nation state of Palestine. We discuss the many disappointments we have seen in Trump. Jewish lobby groups and their influence are discussed, relating to both foreign and domestic issues. We additionally discuss the relationship between Jewish lobby groups and white genocide. Free speech and “hate speech laws” are discussed, including their recent relation to BDS and to a recent law passed in South Carolina which creates a new and much more vague definition of “anti-semitism”. We expand the discussion including Iran, Syria, Jewish views on race, 9/11, “Israel First” Americans, ways to preserve free speech, Jewish controlled corporate media, Facebook censorship, data mining and a number of additional topics. Rollie Quaid also contributes during the final segment.

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Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Jew media here (UK), are saying 58 people have been killed in yesterday’s demonstrations. This was probably a blood sacrifice to mark the 70 years (05/14/48), of the jewish occupation of Palestine.

PS Thanks Richard, Michael and Rollie for your interesting observations.

6 years ago

If you look at the donors and cabinet members to Trump, why should anyone be surprised at what he’s doing? That the first place to look if you want to know what action the President is going to take. Sheldon Adelson was Trump’s biggest donor. That Jewish Zionist advocated nuking Iran off the planet.

Reply to  Alex Gore
6 years ago

I’m no Trump fanboy but Trump hasn’t done anything surprising since he’s been elected. He’s either done what he’d said he’d do or tried to and been blocked by the courts or the gop and dems.

He said he backed Israel 1000% during the campaign.

He disavowed “White supremacists”

He said he has a deep reverence for Judaism and the Jewish people. David Duke despite that shilled for him pretty hard.

Reply to  Alex Gore
6 years ago

The first crystal clear sign after the “election” was the Rabbi speaking prominently at Trump’s inauguration.

Reply to  Liv
6 years ago

… and I don’t believe that the voluminous red book he swore on, besides the bible, if it was the bible, was his childhood bible …

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