Arcane Semantics: Redefining Nationalism (9-25-17)

Richard talks about the many ways in which true nationalism has been subverted, covering topics such as civic nationalism, mob rule, Alexander Dugin and his national bolshevism, the debauchery of Weimar Germany, meritocracy, personal liberty, transhumanism, sexless humans, and much more.

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6 years ago

They wouldn’t even be offering us Civic Nationalism if we weren’t pushing back and demanding more than Civic Nationalism.

6 years ago

I’m sorry, but this is painful to listen to. The audio quality I mean.

Richard Karolkiewicz
Reply to  Nate
6 years ago


I apologize for the distorted sounds you will hear at the beginning of the show, during the first 6 minutes or so, this was not microphone static or transmission distortion but rather the annual cicadas chirping rather loudly in the background outside my home. Due to the heat I had left the windows open. I would have closed the windows had I suspected the cicadas might have been picked up as loudly as they had been on this broadcast. These cicadas do not seem to chirp or be heard as much after approximately 6 minutes or so into the show.

6 years ago

great show richard, listening whilst i work & disturbing thumbnail chosen for it, no longer england.. Another trend in australia is various attacks by muslims (not terrorists) which go unreported mainly due to police running round the victims & then brushing the case under the rug after around 3 months to avoid hate speech. In this the legal & the medico systems wherein government has oversight or interest – is also complicit. These attacks also are targeted against asians so it seems not just ‘whites/women’ so it seems who arnt brown skinned… In random conversations in embarrassed tones (most likely due to the belittlement experienced by police in coming forward to report such experiences/cases) tones I come across a victim a year without even trying… Read more »

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