Arcane Semantics: Regional Developments and Overall Concerns (5-28-18)

This airing we discuss a variety of current news, events and developments. We opening the show with a bit of recap of the war zones in the Middle East. Some recent negative press regarding Jerry Seinfeld on the Palestinian open-air concentration camp is addressed. We consider multiple viewpoints on the current economic and demographic challenges which we face. In the second hour we discuss this being the U.S. Memorial Day Holiday and the perceptions different generations have had regarding war, official narratives and history. We consider the previous generation to today both with great respect – while also considering their tendency through circumstances toward unquestioning loyalty to government and military. The current Ebola outbreak in Africa is covered with updates and an assessment of the situation.Some recent developments within Facebook and Zuckerland are briefly entertained. Abusive political correctness in government offices, PSYOP video games, vulnerabilities in personal assistant devices and implanted personal microchips are all discussed. Some additional topics are also included. Steven W. and Scarlett also contribute during the first and second hours, respectively.

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Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Good summation of jew events (and consequences for us all ) Richard. Thanks for all the good shows you produce here at the only genuine pro-White network. Please support the hosts.

PS Another hoax shooting in Liege, Belgium today. 3 mannequins, including 2 lady police officer dummies, were badly damaged. A drug arrest (scene) gone bad apparently lol. Before he was neutralized (their word), by the, just passing, swat team, the man was heard shouting: “Allahu Snackbar.” Those crisis actors sure love their meal breaks!

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