Arcane Semantics: T. Matthew Phillips – The Legal Fight for Health & Freedom (10-16-17)

T. Matthew Phillips is a California attorney, musicologist, and part-time particle physicist. Phillips advocates the unconditional abolition of vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, fluoride and science. Phillips is now suing the State of California to halt SB 277—California’s oppressive vaccine mandate for schoolchildren. The conversation focuses largely on the upcoming lawsuit, the dangers of vaccines, controlled opposition shill groups, the problem with GMO, and more.

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“The Case Against Vaccines: A to Z!” – T. Matthew Phillips

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6 years ago

Fantastic show. Extremely articulate guest. Mr. Phillips clearly explained the vaccine problem and why the vaccine industry does not want his message heard. Fortunately, he is able to bring the issue of Vaccine mandate to the California State courts where we can expect a ruling on the issue. Mr. Phillips also brought up the specter of Controlled Opposition lawsuits that are designed-to-fail by Vaccine Industry Controlled Opposition plaintiffs. His legal training probably enables him to recognize a designed-to-fail lawsuit more easily than a layperson. But there have been other Controlled Opposition lawsuits pertaining to things such as 9/11 Commissions position on Controlled Demolition of the Towers, Obama’s birth certificate, etc. Mr. Phillips would be a fantastic repeat guest. Not only focusing on the Vaccine issue… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

This is one of the most important shows from Renegade and great message from the guest. NO JEW POISONS ARE SAFE! I can’t believe i’ve been duped again by lone-wolf Dr Wakefield and the vaxxed film people. It’s just more hasbara – jew science explaining, to deceive the goyim. Muh single doses of jew-juice is totally safe! I hope this courageous lone lawyer starts focusing on the “j” word as well.

PS The (((UK gov))) are pushing to change the current organ donation laws to an opt out scheme. “The public demand it.” They aren’t just genociding our race, the kosher cannibals want to use our blood, organs and cells afterwards!

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

As evidenced by the Controlled Opposition film Vaxxed – the enemy definitely takes early affirmative steps to create and control the opposition. This should be expected considering their vast access to funding.

Mr. Phillips message on the broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant Glyphosate found in products like Monsantp’s “Roundup” needs a much wider audience.

6 years ago

A very good show, Richard! Thank you.
Again all the given thumbs up disappeared. Ridiculous.

6 years ago

Interesting article on the Health Care System by Dr Nancy Banks. The Graphic on page 3 is an eye-opener

Reply to  frank
3 years ago

The website is dead and I could the only archive on The Wayback Machine does not have the file, but I have found it back on Deanna Spingola’s website:

Quintus Sertorius
6 years ago

Excellent show, Rich! And thank you to T. Matthew Phillips for all the great information, and for fighting the court battles against out of control vaccination-crazy California.

6 years ago

Great show! They have been peddling the poison snake oil forever…
The Toadstool Millionaires:
A Social History of Patent Medicines
in America before Federal Regulation

Reply to  Lesley
3 years ago

I am not saying that the page you are referring to is uninteresting, but watch out, as this is a pro-vaccination website: just look at this inane title.
‘Do Children Get Too Many Immunizations? The Answer is No.’:

Shawna Marie
6 years ago

Thank you for this show Richard another excellent guest and such an important topic.

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