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9 years ago

This guy was an interesting guest but I don’t think he has a real understanding of what Hitler was fighting for, regardless of his flaws. What is the root of Nationalism? It is collectivism or tribalism, which in-&-of-itself is as natural as caring for your family, but which when it becomes a means of oppressing the individual, as it very often does when leadership fails or becomes corrupt, can become extremely harmful. Its opposite, extreme individualism is also harmful. Why? Because it also oppresses the individual and puts him in disharmony with the social group. Whatever way you look at it, even through a strictly racist lens that puts genetics above actual demonstrated talent, ability or merit, the basic unit of social science is the… Read more »

9 years ago

Negentropic, it seems your confusing the concept of NS with what the Republicans today attack as “Socialism.” The difference is that Germany’s homogenous population supported the NS “top down” system in a Lockian social contract because finally a party came along with leaders that meant business and took the nation in a time of crisis and literally remade it. Unfortunately, Hitler was over-extended himself and was far too ambitious to accomplish his goals with the resources he had – but his people were behind him. The individual is ultimately subordinated to the nation, which is the race, which is the State. “An extreme individualist is not a healthy person but a neurotic off-balance reactionary out-of-necessity against an intolerable group-think of a lowest-common-denominator culture that stifles… Read more »

9 years ago

Good interview, but this guy has no idea what how nationalist differences and feelings towards each other in Europe are almost impossible to change as he wants to whites to unite on some kind of american unversalist platform, wich will never ever work. Historic wounds of different bloodsheds of european nations are too deep ingraned on people’s memories. Interesting to note, that Norman Lowell, who wrote ‘Imperium Europa’, is also a banker and libertarian, wich is american philosophy through and through. He also seems to think that slavs are not controlled by jews, what is completely untrue, although nations there seem to be more homogenous then in western Europe, jews control their economy, banking and media almost same way as rest of the world. Just… Read more »

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