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9 years ago

Excellent podcast, Dana and Mark. One of the most informative podcasts I have ever heard. Thank you both for your wisdom and clarity.

9 years ago

I enjoyed your discussion with Mark Weber, he has taught me a lot and continues to keep me looking in the right direction but at this point he has me so well trained that I knew what his response was going to be, to certain questions, before he said it himself. Anyway at the end of the Interview you mentioned the storm and I realized you must be in New England. I am from the New Hampshire Seacoast and you? send me a quick email if you get a chance. Keep up the good work.

Alexander (from Flanders)
9 years ago

I know that Mark Weber is a controversial guy in the pro-White movement, but I enjoy almost every podcast he has ever done (or appeared as a guest). We do not need to agree on every single detail in life to respect each other.

I hope that Dana brings him back for some more A+ radio.

One Man
9 years ago

You cannot win against an enemy whose god you worship.

9 years ago

^ Isn’t that the truth.

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