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9 years ago

Yes, Brandon is ZCF. Here’s a (presumably) recent interview with him I just found at Mamis:

comment: “Fantastic zcf! Another interview (although I am used to your writings) which is so spot on about everything. I wish you the absolute best, and your courage is phenomenal. Your intellect has always been apparent even for one so young.”

“Don’t believe the mainstream media”: Brandon Martinez interview on Vancouver Coop Radio

PS I really enjoyed your interview with Micheal S, well done.

9 years ago

ZCF, c’mon, just a regurgitator, no insight, nothing we do not know. Recent interview the question was presented was whether the Moncton shooter was tied to white supremacy groups. Well considering the shooter was black, he could not get be tied to so-called ‘white supremacy groups’. Was that pointed out, of course not. Oy vey… much for these faux alternative “noose” personalities.

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