Aristocracy of Blood: Headlines (6-19-15)

Charleston Shooting

Tonight I will discuss some headlines in the news, especially the S. Carolina shooting; I have various articles to read, including one from the Tribune, some reactions to other posts, a couple of letters of correspondence from Oswald the Rabbit to me, and whatever else suits my fancy.  It will be later as usual as I will be attending another local Greek festival wearing my Golden Dawn shirt.

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9 years ago

After listening to your show it appears you are mixed race as I suspected . I don’t think you should be talking about White race issues you are inadvertently (or purposely ) spreading disinformation leading White race people to think spun falsehoods to be true. One example is your rich controlled media produced version ( Which YOU Believe),of what happed at the church in the news. A lot of that could have been false & the central bad person could have been programed by the rich controllers minions that have access to unlimited funding to produce the docudrama that you see on the j controlled box .Consider the following , YOU , are spreading their disinfo.

9 years ago

Wow, if I was one of those softened, weak minded, utopianist orientalists that make up many, especially female, of those closest to my own European heritage, who recognise a problem but are steered by leftist multicults to the new age. If I remained in blissful ignorance, I would say I’d just experienced a synchronicity, a paranormal event. I started listening to this, paused for quite a while during which I felt urged to look up & listen to the Cranberries. 90’s Irish indie band. On returning to podcast, the esteemed host himself, in no time had mentioned the very same 90’s band. Alas, merely a coincidence but still, thought I’d share. Excellent programme, from EUSSR

9 years ago

Mr conspiratard just proved the point, lol

9 years ago

OMG – Don’t tell me you actually “Believe” the “Official Narrative” of the alleged “Church Shooting” – complete with “Manifesto” just like they provided in the “Dorner” case – LOL.

The “Church Shooting” case fits neatly into the repetitive pattern of disarmament hype that we’ve consistently seen coming from this regime.

Sadly, some people actually “Believe” what they see on “State Controlled Television”.


9 years ago

If anyone thinks that the church event happened the way It was presented in the rich controlled media , just consider what movie products come out of jollywood today . The whole event COULD easily have been a staged production . All the Anti-White media producers need is money-(Which they have) & a devoted group of Anti-Whites that can keep a secret as well as paper work to create victims or genuine victims , & of course the bad person that was programed by very well established psy. methods of conditioning to do bad things he or she would not normally do. All you have to ask yourself is : Is it conceivable & would Anti-Whites REALLY do this staged event for large sums of… Read more »

9 years ago

Why is this Mr White Genotard still being tolerated here? I support freedom of speech but when it becomes trolling it needs to nipped in the bud! I’ve seen all this idiot’s comments so far and there’s no doubt it’s just a stupid troll – I say “stupid” because it’s obviously not as smart as it thinks it is. I saw that one of its comments may have been pruned earlier so please for the sake of keepin’ it REALLY white & orderly please consider blocking this fool’s inane & annoying twittering – it’s like a child that got hold of a new toy and can’t stop playing with it! For the sake of all the adults here please consider spanking this child & sending… Read more »

9 years ago

Twat. Methinks you’ll get what’s coming to you soon enough…

9 years ago

Alison, no idea. at renegade we don’t really censor individual views, but i would make a motion to ban him, as he clearly is inciting divisive feelings among racialists by declaring the Alps to be the threshold of whiteness and that Greeks/Italians, the foundation of Western civilization, as not belonging to the racial family when clearly it is among the very roots and primordial origin.

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