Aryan Talk: John DeNugent – Solutreans, Solutions & Semites (2-28-17)

For the first hour Patrick speaks to John DeNugent about the Solutrean history of America, strange sightings of UFOs and what it all could mean, and other topics such as Hellstorm. In the second hour Patrick gets a call from Francis from Stormfront as well as Fred, mainly on the subjects of the mass invasion, jewish control, and the obstacles to White unity.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

The ideal solutrean (sorry): Don’t hand over your precious child to the jew. Don’t allow their viruses to penetrate mind or body. As soon as they can understand and manage, pass on information about Indo-Aryan culture and teach early skills. It is hard and will require great sacrifice, but no more than they deserve and our ancestors expect.

Great show Pat and thanks John. I don’t believe in ufo’s, outer space or aliens. All a jew psy-op to hide their weapon, craft and medical r&d imo. At present, we are just their lab-rats; not for long, Aryan’s will rise!

7 years ago

John de Nugent’s reading of Archibald Maule Ramsay’s “The Nameless War” (find it on is pretty good, so maybe he has come along a bit since this worrying 2mins clip from 2014 with “Giacomo Vallone” (hehheh)

Looking forward to hearing the present show, last week’s was pretty good though PC like everyone has gaps in his knowledge and I personally would have played Samuel Jared Taylor since he has good knowledge on the race issues and can be used as a bridge to reality. For example isn’t Obama technically Jewish since hie mother reputedly was(?)

7 years ago

Patrick is one of my favorite hosts. I am glad he is on the network. I hope you have John De Nugent back soon. I love the Ancient Aryan topic. It would be cool if you discussed the connections between ancient aryans and astrology. I just watched a video on youtube where a jewish guy in Isreal confronts Hassidic jews about the Talmud where it says that they can kill the goy. The jews denied that of course but they did say that Akum should be killed and they showed a great hatred toward Akum. The jews said that Akum meant Astrologers and Astrology. The jews destroyed our Aryan heritage and it is time for us Aryans to find out who we truly are.

7 years ago

Thank you J.P., that’s very kind of you.

Reply to  Billy Roper
7 years ago

Billy I read your thesis on Paleo Ethnic Diversity a few days ago. Killer work sir. This stuff is intriguing to me. If it ever gets mainstream, maybe the White Race will grow a pair and stand up to the mestizoes in their mud tracks.

Reply to  Grady
7 years ago

I’m glad you liked it Grady. Believe it or not I wrote that back in 1999 as my Master’s Thesis. I guess that means I’m getting old, lol.

7 years ago

What we have to do is OWN the system again. Until we kick the kike into the abyss and take the top positions in everything and call the shots, lay down the law and make the rules, then anything we do is going to be brushed aside. Protesting while being in an inferior position, or making demands to the prevailing kike, is useless. Power is what counts. They are the ones issuing the rights and the rules at the moment. WE should be in this position, WE should be at the top calling the shots. That is what we should strive for. After that, anything else is served. Protesting to them is futile. We have to be the rulers, not appeal to the ones that… Read more »

Reply to  Skylgarir
7 years ago

I don’t dispute the WHAT, but HOW do you achieve those objectives? Having now heard the remainder of the show I remark that the caller ‘Copperhead’ (?) from Stormfront recommended an MO that is basically an inverted version of all the means whereby Jewish Supremacists HAVE achieved power: infiltrating then influencing then enslaving first economically and by ethnic networking and latterly by force of arms of proxies. The march through the institutions, intermarrying with the power elite, exercise of money power and acquiring control of mass media, financing both sides of wars between nation states harnessing the folly of (apparently) White sovereigns, persistent agitation for mass immigration of racial aliens, miscegenation, etc etc. Why is 70 y/o ‘Copperhead’ an advocate of somehow going for the… Read more »

Reply to  NomenNescio
7 years ago

>NomenNiesco I had to get that off my back. Indeed a thorough examination of the situation is long in order. I am going partially Trivium: What, who, when, where, how etc.

I will muse on it, but watch this video on topic

7 years ago

This was a great set. I always had a sympathy for the Red Indians, but this was only one side of the story, as usual. The vicious circle pattern through time that emerges to me is that you have a developed advanced White nation, then all of a sudden there is the mass “immigration” of darkies that “deserve a cut of the cake” and everything goes down the can. I think this is a recurring attempt to get rid of us over time, but we have to keep coming back and stay back. Over time the poor brown people always end up being the victim and the ebil White mayne is the one that has to compensate them. One guy mentioned that “vikining” form the… Read more »

6 years ago

Id like to here more about the Windover Bog discovery in FL but they have had it on wraps for soo long theres not too much to find out aside from all the cover ups and lies surrounding it! I Couldnt stand JDN cause of his buddy Jack-though he seems a bit shot out himself otherwise good show. Strange to hear 2 ppl from the “dirtyBurg” on 1 show-wtf, im near the Baypines VA you mentioned !

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