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Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

So the day white coat Ms jones ‘supposedly’ gets raided by many police and her children are traumatized, just happens to fall on the same day as that ‘school incident’ in jewtown, Connecticut. Have we been caught ‘Handily Hook’ line and sinker again?

I’ve been reading that (((wealthy))) New Yorkers are leaving that sinking ship, and flocking (or scurrying) to Palm Beach, Florida. They want to create the new ‘Hamptons’. Well, there are theatres, post offices, sex-slave premises, swimming pools, athletic/soccer fields, just like the facilities at Auschwitz. So perhaps it really should be called ‘The Camp-tons!’ Just a thought.

P.S. Thanks Kyle for being a beacon of light and truth, during THEIR (((dark Winter))). We will have our day of Sunlight, soon.

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Lady Cat
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

Yes they are… And poorer whites, the ones who never wanted this, but were beat back, told to shut their racist uneducated mouths, and enjoy the diversity, had their rent tripled and lifelong home, built by their people, a nice working class white neighborhood, become a third world nation. As they (rich whites) sent their kids to private school ma and lived high up away from it all at 5 gs a month. Now those very cowards are leaving us in the mess they created. And it’s not just jews. I said this in a previous comment and ppl didn’t like it,but I’m sure of it as I’ve lived around these people my whole life. I’m not saying have your kid stick around and beat.… Read more »

3 years ago

I had this alternative idea for the VAXX Report‘s cover. Useless to post it on social media, nobody seems to be paying any attention. Share if you can.

Thanks for the show Kyle.

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