Blitz: Harrison Bergeron and the Handicapper General (5-7-19)

Kyle starts off by reading Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut and then considers what it could be satirizing and how the world described in the story is actually similar to our world of “equality” today.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

The jewish supremacists know they have to silence the best and brightest of our people, and this is why you, Kyle and Sinead, are being systematically targetted and slowly, without much drama, are being cut off.

We all have to smash the jewish mental enslavement programming, and rise above the fear, like Harrison did. Only then will we repair on an emotional and physical level, and have the strength in numbers to take back control.

PS Besides, we don’t want to see Jay Z & Bey’s great grandson playing you in the future distopian movie adaptation of: “Renegade Hunt – 2084.” Imagine the weave!

5 years ago

Really interesting show, I had not heard of Harrison Bergeron until now. This story is on par with the tall poppy syndrome. Families can do this to a person when they don’t want a member to outshine or expose them. Like this story, it seems to be rooted in narcissism.

5 years ago

As you were reading, I felt sad, thinking of all the shackles of mind, body, and spirit, especially for the young today. So timely – thank you, your reading of it with different voices was like a radio play. With uglification, I thought of the tattoos and white women covering their bodies – for some reason, all the female Animal Planet hosts are covered in them, for example – and how like eyesore graffiti they seem across the canvas of the skin.

5 years ago

Thanks for bringing the story to my attention, and for your telling of it. I would suggest looking into Audio Book narrator work, but in our own ‘clown world’ dystopia, merely your voice profile alone is probably verboten; another shackle.

5 years ago

Thank you Kyle for the rendition of Harrison Bergeron.
Sometime last year, my Swedish neighbor by way of Minnesota told me how she just couldn’t wait for ‘everyone to be equal’.
I think this read is for her, and probably a good one to leave around those virtue signaling hot spots about town, since it is short and engaging.
I can tell by the sound of your voice (not during your theatrical readings), that times are tough.
(((They))) are trying to disposes you of everything you and Sinead might own by shutting down your ability to use their ‘almighty sheckle’.
I feel the squeeze myself, but I will do more.
I know I can do more.

5 years ago

Your graduation experience is a proof of the “equalizer effect.” Your classmates are perfect examples.

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