Blitz: Investigating Bill Gates (3-12-20)

Kyle talks about how Bill Gates has his fingerprints all over the coronavirus scare and is pushing his various agendas full steam ahead because of it. Kyle also questions what in the world Bill and Jeffrey could have been working on together.

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4 years ago

This evil weasel build Microsoft by stealing the work of Gary Kildall who built the first operating system for micro computers which is used as base for operating system for computers today. Bill Gates then most likely had him murdered to remove competition and to become the main face in the computer world.

Reply to  Solen
4 years ago

“They” murdered Mr.Diesel who invented the real biodiesel,so Standard oil could continue with their gas products

4 years ago

Bill’s name would suggest that he’s a very important player for ushering the world as we know it to another place beyond where it is at the moment or has been. Always look for these people with their given names – they are important actors. In New Zealand we recently had the first openly jew Prime Minister whose name was John Key. Among other things I think his major role was to unlock the floodgates to wealthy Chinese immigration so they could blow property values up overnight to levels that our young white people are finding way beyond most of their means now.

4 years ago

The friends of David Goldberg youtube channel (which has since disappeared) talked a lot about how there would be a complete economic collapse under Trumps presidency, and that everyone would need to get microchipped in order to receive food rations. I had brushed it off as a fear-porn psy-op, but at this point it seems like anything could be possible.

4 years ago

Spitsbergen: In 1920,1925, Norway assumed sovereignty of the land by treaty. One stipulation of the treaty was, that Spitsbergen remains a visa-free zone and all foreigners can settle there. USSR/Russia has maintained a coal mine, including a corporate Russian city on the archipelago. There is even a Lenin statue.
Spitsbergen is a proto-globalization realm. One can only imagine what goes on there. Information exchange, laundering etc.

Karen H.
4 years ago

Why doesn’t Bill Gates feed them? It’s nutrition not vaccines they need. Oh yeah….the 6 million number again? and again…

Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

Bill Gates Resigns From Microsoft Board (Fri, 03/13/2020)

“Gates, who gave up the chairman role in 2014 and hasn’t been the active leader of the company since 2008, stepped down from the board to dedicate more time to his philanthropic priorities.”

“Philanthropic priorities” That sounds like really bad news to me.

Comment: “After 3 decades of giving everyone computer viruses now he is moving on to focus on the real thing.”

4 years ago

Just going by how Gates looks and the vast amount of power that he holds, he has to be a crypto.

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