Blitz: Jewry’s Clothing Shop Network (1-23-19)

Kyle discusses the relationship between Jeffrey Epstein and retail giant Les Wexner, detailing how they worked together to sexually blackmail powerful people in order to advance America’s wars for Greater Israel. He then discusses the jewish domination of the clothing industry in America.

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5 years ago

The Jewish garment industry is prominent in New York and Montreal, but I worked for a smaller company in the Northwest which was Dutch. Eventually they couldn’t compete with the cheap work of the Jew, and sold out.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

The UK equivalent of Les Wexner is $5B billionaire “sir” Philip Green and his Arcadia grp. He allegedly bought 171 “failing” department stores in 2000 (BHS), asset stripped them over 16yrs, stole the pension fund of 11,000 employees and sold it on for £1. In 2005 his wife, a Monaco resident, was paid a £1.2B dividend from Arcadia. Just another day in the ghetto. He is also a good friend/mentor of ex supermodel Kate Moss. This 5′ 7″ tall girl was “discovered” by Storm models at 14. Like Brooke, she was used to push the Lolita/waif/paedo/heroin chic vibe of the late 80’s and 90’s. The jewish supremacists use their fashion, music, film and TV to separate children from their parents and destroy mind and body.… Read more »

Lotti Von Hesse
5 years ago

This is a great podcast, Kyle! These cretins are the most despicable “people” on the planet! Sexualiazing children through “fashion” is one of the lowest blows to humanity! Great information on Jeffrey Epstein, and his jewish connections to Israel, and our zog emperor, Trump! When I was a sophomore, I attended a modeling agency meeting to find out how I might become a clothes model – but I was an inch too short, and I did not have the huge amount of finances needed – wow – I am so glad that did not pan out. I remember the two women who conducted the meeting, were extremely cold-hearted, and extremely arrogant! Can you imagine – they recruit young girls from high schools? This information must… Read more »

5 years ago

Schlomo phones David “Hi David I have a bargain for you, I have this lorry full of trousers all for $1 each”, “Fantastic” says David. David then phones Jonathan “I have this great deal for you, I have this lorry full of trousers, $2 each”, “brilliant” says Jonathan. Jonathan rings Shahul “I have this fantastic bargain for you, a lorry full of trousers, $3 each”… this goes on for a while longer, eventually Schlomo calls Christian “Hi Christian, I have these trousers, fantastic bargain $49 each”. “Great!” says Christian “I’ll have them”. The following day Christian phones Schlomo “Schlomo, you really are a crook!”, “what do you mean a crook?” “well, you sold me a load of unwearable trousers, I took them out of the… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram
5 years ago

Abercrombie & Fitch was super popular when I was in high school and college too. I was never much for slogan tees, but I used to buy their expensive ripped to shreds jeans. I remember being baffled when my parents mentioned that Abercrombie used to sell guns and sporting goods. The company filed bankruptcy in 1977 and the name and mailing list was purchased by jew Jake Oshman in 1978. Then it was sold to (((The Limited))) in 1988. Dov Charney is such a disgusting piece of shit. I read an article a while back where it mentioned that he would hand out vibrators to employess he deemed hot and would hold board meetings in just a pair of brief style underwear. He was… Read more »

5 years ago

I didn’t realize how many designers were Jews! Thank you for continuing to further expose the enemy of the human race!

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