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Lars Baum
3 years ago

O man, it’s so boring to listen to your reading the enemy’s articles and the enemy’s broadcast propaganda clips. Charlie at least reads only the headlines and then he puts out his own thoughts. Can’t you read the headlines only as well, and then expound with your own comments? Please look at this as a friendly critique.

Reply to  Lars Baum
3 years ago

Then don’t listen.

Reply to  renegade
3 years ago

You do a great job excellent and when you two do a hit piece on somebody like RFK Jr or anyone that needs to be exposed for the fraud that they are you both kill it. I listen to all your shows and sometimes go back and listen to them again.

Last edited 3 years ago by Rob
Steven Rowlandson
3 years ago

“Kyle talks about how orthodox jews around the world are refusing to abide by ZOG’s draconian lockdown mandates, since they are “chosen” and therefore exempt.”
That turns out not to be the case. Jesus the son of god is chosen and may be his followers (Christians)and for the most part that does not include Hebrews or Jews.

Reply to  Steven Rowlandson
3 years ago

Jesus was a Jew and currently the overlord of you’re suffering. Abrahamic religions have no genuine place other than to insidiously decimate foolish White people, such as yourself.

3 years ago

Fearing rise of our sun they dress in black and white, venerate their conceited darkness to lower us into an eternal night.

Last edited 3 years ago by Solveig
Dedicated reader
3 years ago

In the meantime, the creepy anti-white American Bishops refuse to allow Catholics into the churches unless their faces are covered and hands there-in sanitized, even in South Dakota or other area that does not order this of folks.

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