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Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

The jewish supremacists may control the ponzi usury money system, National and local gov’s, all forms of media, academia and the tyrannical corporations, but they will never have access to our minds, hearts or souls.

They can never permeate our blood-race barrier, unless YOU let them. Look inside yourself and that Aryan spirit will give you the strength and courage to stand tall and reject these non-human beings. Now is the moment to inner-stand!

P.S. Cheers for these wise and timely words, Kyle. Please support this man and his family, who sacrifice so much for our race, in any way possible.
Thank You.

3 years ago

Wearing a mask from time to time is a necessary evil for me as I shop for my 79 year old parents who don’t get around too well. I wear my mask below my nose & nobody has said anything to me about “non proper mask wearing” – not that I’d care if they did. It’s the only way I can breathe & I’ll be God damned if I am going to NOT BREATH anywhere I am. Just a suggestion to anyone else who has to partake even briefly in the mandated madness.
I like what you said about their muzzling us since their own tyranny is now ‘officially’ unmasked.

Reply to  Danielle
3 years ago

If you look around there may be farmers or co ops that will deliver produce to your parent’s house. That’s what we’ve been doing and so far so good.

Reply to  Danielle
3 years ago

I have a “Guy Fawkes” Halloween mask that I intend to wear if ordered to wear a face diaper. So far, I have walked right past the face diaper enforcers without incident, but if push comes to shove the Halloween mask will be used.

3 years ago

I know exactly what you mean and feel the same way. While I’m not at all suicidal, living in this world has become intolerable and making my skin crawl. It makes me sick to see how many people are wearing masks OUTSIDE where it is not mandated – not that it would make it right and that it should be complied with. In fact, I started noticing this long before masks were state-mandated in all stores (as they were here in Delaware back in late April). I saw a fit, healthy looking and attractive young white male bicycling with a mask on & almost lost my mind. If I had been in a position where I could’ve slowed down I would have said something to… Read more »

3 years ago

Could you please tell me who is singing the German soldier song and what’s it’s name?

Reply to  Liam
3 years ago

It is a remix of a German paratrooper song

Ronnie Waters
3 years ago

I don’t know how old any of you guys are, but I was a teenager in the 1970s. I remember a North America where people basically left each other alone. It was like a breath of fresh air after the upheaval of the 1960s. I believe that ship has sailed forever. To some degree we have ethno-nationalism and tribalism now. It’s just what we call the “system” is trying to gloss it over with its media and arbitrary decrees.

3 years ago

Oh yes, the vaccine will be perfectly safe and just fine that’s why we need the government to shield us from all liability, it’s for your benefit I assure you.

We predict there will be a rash of rare neurological conditions cropping up in the future, we are already hard at work combating this and there is nothing dubious in our foreknowledge. We are not completely gaslighting you right now and attempting to suppress any logical thought process.

Last edited 3 years ago by Astronautalis
Steven Rowlandson
3 years ago

It seems that German doctors and lawyers are turning up the heat on the covid-19 pandemic fraud.
Read, watch and judge wisely.

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