Blitz: Sincere Synchronicity and Manufactured Magic (1-29-19)

Kyle talks about Carl Jung’s views on synchronicity and how we could interpret such sacred signs, then gets into how Hollywood magicians weave together a synchromystic stew in order to mislead you.

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5 years ago

I suspect that you have and are being manipulated by unknown influencers outside our reality . Example white man march , with that creation in your mind and its implementation YOU, changed the future of millions of White skinned peoples futures for good or bad, right or wrong, true or false. YOU and Sinead are the true cutting edge of change . You are NOT goyslave,syou have true value.

5 years ago

Hang-in-there you guys. Sometimes I can hear the strain of the job in your voices. Not an Anglin fan (anymore) but even he said “I’m tired” (exhausted). Sometimes having another person in the broadcast, I feel can reinforce how you feel. Not a fan of Jung. He’s a bit ‘transcendental’. And, check is in the mail.

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Reply to  reynolds
5 years ago

What in the world does that even mean? Are you a bot?

Reply to  Sinny
5 years ago

What does it mean? STOP CRITICIZING RENEGADE or any White forum. We are our own worst enemy. Don’t know what your “Bot” means, and I never learned it in post-secondary, so it couldn’t be important. Come on, add a little chutzpah here for a change. As for Jung, you figure it out.

5 years ago

I met Daniel Pinchbottom once at a 2012 concern (in ’08) and he was at one with his smartphone, when not on stage. Jan X-posed his mother as intel and the name Reality Sandwich makes me think that Reality is sandwiched between two slices of bs, like an Oxford sandwich. You did a great job of lifting out what’s valuable from this overlay of pop culture syncs.

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