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5 years ago

The smiley face or emoji has a “dark side” researchers have found. “It’s passive-aggressive and condescending”. And “In offices where it is used, to not use it would label you a sociopath”. The smiley face is saying don’t hurt me’, I’m okay and approachable.

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Reply to  reynolds
5 years ago

I had no idea the use of the smiley face had these psychological implications. Lol

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

The smiley face was linked to the rave and ecstasy psy-op of the late 80’s, here in Britain; probably emanating out of tavistock. The jewish media even called 1988 “the second summer of love.” And now we have the electronic-transhuman dance scene, for the destruction of this third generation of Whites.

I think most of these “serial killer” deaths are covert gov’t operations. White people are easy targets. It fuels the race war, promotes a fear of being outside, and also fulfills their symbolic ritual freemasonic psychopathy. The hollywood teen horror movie aspect is there too, especially when you add the David Paulides “missing 411” strange deaths of upstanding young White men near bodies of water, to the mix.

Golden Spike
5 years ago

Look, I’ll frontload this screed by saying I closely study your programs and value many of your oppositional interpretations — and historical revelations. Impressive thinking and presentation. Having said that… Indolence or insolence — which is it, Kyle? To bolster your Hwhite-Genocide-by-Heartless-Darkie case, you throw in our faces that un-credited audio clip starring… Ed Opperman* and Jim Rothstein. ((())) much, Kyle? Sure, Zebra could’ve been organized Black Muslim terror; anything’s possible. More likely? Gladio stateside ops to gin up a race war, militarize, atomize, and gentrify. All of which came to pass, BTW. CoIntelPro was huge in the 60s-70s Bay Area. Find the connection between the black Zebra patsies and Vacaville Prison, where CIA friends like Louis Jolyon West counseled, where the SLA was birthed,… Read more »

5 years ago

The smiley face t shirt was a fashion fad that appeared on the scene in the early 70’s. Every high school kid seemed to have one. The Forest Gump scene was to my understanding part of the storyline that Gump just regularly stumbled into influential happenstance. The smiley face itself was a cultural icon well before that movie. I’m not sure exactly how or why it got so much traction in the early 70’s but it did. Who was behind it? Why? Etc.

5 years ago

“The best of the goyim you shall kill”, now where have I read that?..

5 years ago

i’ve done research… on thrill-kill cults. there is some sort of jesuit seminary in the middle of the smiley face map

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