Blitz: The Conspiracy to Make Us Third Eye Blind (6-25-19)

Kyle speaks about the pineal gland, which is often considered the third eye. It has both biological and “spiritual” functions that are very important, which is why there is a conspiracy to calcify the gland. Auras are also mentioned.

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4 years ago

Interesting show, here is a kundalini kriya designed for the pineal gland:

Also, in general alkaline foods are pineal gland supportive and acidic foods are the opposite. Chaga and reishi mushrooms are other great foods in addition to the ones mentioned.

4 years ago

Speaking of vibrations… Years ago a friend told me, “Words can lie but vibes can’t.” It rang true-deep and universal. Sometimes vibes are so strong they take on a physicality. The energy gets so thick you can slice it. And I find it can work either way, profoundly negative or profoundly positive, with the negative manifesting dark and murky, and the positive manifesting light, achingly beautiful, sometimes radiant. People vibes (along with everything else that vibrates, and I believe everything does) are flying through the air all the time; sometimes they hitch on to thoughts, sometimes to emotions, sometimes to instincts. To me they are very real, powerful, telling, unavoidable, and often unexpected with the ability to serve as warning or heads up. Kind of… Read more »

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