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4 years ago

I’m sure Italians in mafia controlled areas felt grateful to be liberated from a society where organized criminals were sent to jail.

Reply to  Whitewolf
4 years ago

Fascism was more of a service to the people of Italy than the (((globalists))) had ever been to any nation.

I prefer Germany’s example with National Socialism. I feel the current demographic problem and hysteria surrounding “White supremacy” make the creation of an ethnic state difficult, but necessary for racial survival. If China (PRC), North Korea, Nepal, Liberia, and Israel can be ethno-states, why shouldn’t we have ethno-states of our own?

I am grateful this website and Renegade Tribune exist and do a fine job of getting the truth out when there are very few people who do.

I wish you all the best.

Reply to  Felix
4 years ago

So why did you write this a few days ago? “Some of the “attacks” are an inevitable reaction to piss poor manners from shitty people. Don’t want to be disrespected? Don’t mistreat people if they haven’t done anything wrong themselves, because you regularly confuse them with people who may very well be trolls or merely ignorant of the subject. That way they’re less likely to be criticized and attacked, even physically. However it appears they would rather cling to their unwritten motto of “agree with me or fuck off”. You don’t want to have an intellectually honest debate with people you disagree with, no matter who’s right or wrong. You want to be “right” and will resort to ad hominem attacks to convince yourself of… Read more »

Reply to  Sinead
4 years ago

Basic self-reflection could easily answer such a question. I noticed the archive is link broken. Cohencidence? The infighting is unwise, it should be brought to a minimum. I do not consider exposes of controlled opposition to be infighting, though there is the tendency to sometimes overthink these things. Reading through the philosophers mentioned in the article against Gentile, Sprangler, and Evola demonstrates a misunderstanding where the author only read part way through SOME of their books, whilst mistakingly interpreting their writings from a completely literal, unnuanced perspective. There is also the lack of proof to show for the alleged S.S. report that considered Evola to be a security risk. If this were really the case, it would demonstrate a level of paranoid micromanagement not uncommon… Read more »

Léon Degrelle
4 years ago

An Italian word for ‘kind’ is ‘gentile’:

Gentile Name Meaning:

“Italian: from the personal name Gentile, a continuation of Late Latin Gentilis meaning ‘of the same stock (Latin gens)’ and then ‘non-Christian’, ‘pagan’; as a medieval name it was an omen name with the sense ‘noble’, ‘courteous’, also ‘delicate’, ‘charming’, ‘graceful’ (Italian gentile). In some cases the surname may have arisen from a nickname, sometimes possibly ironical, from the same word. English: variant of Gentle.”

4 years ago

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Reply to  Mary
2 years ago

Your trashy behaviour does you no favours.

Reply to  Tungri
2 years ago

Firstly, that old comment was a reply to a “trashy” one that was deleted actually hence it moved up a slot & now appears as a comment on the show which it is not.

Secondly, who the hell are you “Tungri” suddenly appearing out of nowhere & going back through 2 1/2 year old show comments to make such critiques? Don’t worry, we know… 😉

Reply to  Mary
2 years ago

You behave like the degenerates who tarnish it, the fact that all you do is make trashy comments is reflective of the character of those who encourage it.
renegadetribune. com/the-difference-between-true-national-socialists-and-neo-nazis/
“Since the fall of the Third Reich a number of degenerates and controlled opposition organizations have picked up the sacred swastika and tarnished it.”

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