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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Vaccines, child/teen pills, then onto anti-depressants for adults. Fluoride, toxic non-food, drink and drugs will catch the stragglers who fall through the jewish supremacists’ (inter) net. We have to stop this genocide of the Aryan people. Your simple, concise info is vital in helping do that. Thank you.

don't have tv
4 years ago

I’m gonna come back and listen to the rest of this, but I’m letting you guys and gals know how much a blood-pressure pill that was found to have an off-label effect to reduce ADHD helped me PROFOUNDLY recently. My life was hell without it. I just recently realized that I had OCD and probably Tourette’s Syndrome all my life. I came to that realization myself, not by a psychiatrist. My own dad and I, ate the age of 4, knew instinctively that I had some kind of problem because he told me right then that he had the same ‘thing’ himself and to stop it. It is a VERY real thing. Now I don’t know if people my age or older were being tampered… Read more »

Reply to  don't have tv
4 years ago

Take your pharmajewtical shilling elsewhere. ADHD doesn’t exist, you just have no discipline.

Reply to  Sinny
4 years ago

I agree with Sinead & Kyle on this one – ADHD does not seem to actually exist. Just trying to make people take more un-needed pills. I went through the same torture as a child in that “Psychologist” office ahere they “analyzed” me for that stuff. Probably based of some pathetic teacher’s recommendation to my mom and playing on the mother’s want to help her child… the “doctor” “Psychologist” lady looked like a literal female version of Gene Simmons if I could describe it best. So, possibly some Mossad agent. I recall it was in a big building that looked very expensive to be able to conduct operations at, like she was doing. So this Psychologist/ the company she worked for or ran herself seemed… Read more »

Von Hahn
Reply to  don't have tv
4 years ago

“yada, yada, yada”: Seinfeld

4 years ago

What is labeled as ADHD in adults, I believe is how many people cope with trauma. Growing up in a household with abuse and/or addiction is bound to leave an individual in emotional shambles. Parents with their own disorders are much more content having a psychiatrist pathologize their child than to take responsibility for their own problems. The DSM likes to pathologize everything; almost as if they are keeping tabs on human behavior. The DSM was right when homosexuality was classified as a paraphilia; which was then removed from the manual in 1987.

Reply to  Tabitha
4 years ago

I remember reading about the DSM classification change many years ago. The major effect was to outlaw the practice of psychiatric treatment for homosexuals who were seeking to change. It condemned such unfortunates to a life of being unable to address root causes and was of course pushed by the (((usual suspects.))) We saw the explosion of radicalized “gay” activism shortly after.

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