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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

One of the first British victims, if we believe the jewish supremacist controlled media, was a forty-five year old father of two, who had suffered from motor neurone disease for two years. Any “normal” strain of flu is going to have a devastating effect on a weakened immune system, like his. This is all planned nonsense.

PS Keep shinning the light of truth on this “l’chayyim lockdown”. I would facepalm myself, on hearing how our people are so excepting of this hoax, but that would mean self-isolating myself for a further six million seconds!

4 years ago

I really pleased I sat and listened to this. It all made sense. I agree 5G is a big problem, That is a Killer. People are waking up, and maybe this “Virus” is all about controlling the masses big time, lockdown etc

Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

The name for the Danish currency is “krone” (i.e. “crown”, i.e. “corona”). Remember Denmark is the first country in Europe which have made Coronavirus vaccination mandatory. Other countries with “crown” as currency name:

Current use

Czech: koruna
Norwegian and Danish: krone
Icelandic and Faroese: króna
Swedish: krona
Greenlandic: koruuni
Northern Sami: ruvdna

Historical use

Estonian: kroon
German: Krone (capital letter k)
Hungarian: korona
Slovak: koruna

Robert Heimdal
Reply to  renegade
4 years ago

According to Santos Bonacci and Charlie Freak “corona” is also related to Chronus (kraínō) etymologically meaning in ancient Greek “to rule or command”, ergo related to the word “crown”, so there goes some Saturn connection there.

They also state that the word “Coronavirus” is an anagram for “carnivorous”.

I’m not a fan of these people for all too obvious reasons (check program) but I found this two linguistic connections quite interesting. What they say about veganism is at least worth listening to.

Good Vibrations, Vol. 154: Santos Bonacci / Charlie Freak – Why Lapsed Vegans Fail

4 years ago

They also connecting the ‘viral age’ with ‘climate change’. This from the world economic forum.

4 years ago

Check out this 18 October 2019 Event201 world military games Wuhan 2019 You already tlaked about these two events but also at the 18 October is also the jewish celebration of Sukkot / The holiday of Sukkot represents an essential change of values. By changing our values—from individualistic and egoistic to connective and altruistic—we will be able to create a safe, harmonious and happy world. Such change requires an assessment of what’s most important in life: self benefit or other people’s benefit? The holiday of Sukkot (the Tabernacle Feast) and the work in conjunction with it, such as the construction of the Sukkah, explains how we can increase the importance of the very small desire we have to benefit others, until it’s greater in… Read more »

4 years ago

Also, check this out

Almost three million cases of flu have been reported in Italy since the start of the winter season, and the number of confirmed cases is rising.

Since the start of flu season in October 2019, 2,768,000 cases across the country have been confirmed by laboratory tests, according to data from InfluNet published on January 19.

A total of 488,000 cases were reported last week alone, signalling that flu season is hitting its peak in January as predicted.

READ ALSO: No, coronavirus isn’t the same as the flu

240 deaths have so far been reported, slightly lower than the expected 258. Most of the fatal cases are elderly patients who suffered complications after contracting the virus.

4 years ago

In event 201 jews predicted 65 mln people dead ..or maybe 65.33 mln it will be crime to argue with that number anyway

4 years ago

[…] This was brought to my attention by NordLux in the comment section of a recent show. […]

4 years ago

Excellent to-the-point show!!
What is the name of the German song played at the beginning?

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