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3 years ago

Regarding circumcision there’s got to be more than just the act itself, as revealed in the movie, meet the fockers, where Babs said they had Gabe focker semi-circt” and I remember reading that Adam Sandler was uncut. The ashkenazi’s probably circumcised their enemies because it’s butchering and mutilating and having them enslaved in other words so I think there are different styles, if you will to this barbaric practice. I don’t know because it’s about his taboo is bringing up the word Jew itself

Reply to  McBride
3 years ago

Circumcision is NOT barbaric. The Barbarians would never do anything disgusting and horrific like that. Circumcision is jewish/satanic.

Reply to  Acoustic
3 years ago

I know all about the holy barbarians

Reply to  McBride
3 years ago

I’ve noticed when bringing up the topic of circumcision I frequently run into these bizarre knee jerk defense mechanisms from people, usually from women ironically enough. I honestly went through most of my life never considering it, but when I was introduced to how messed up it is I kept an open mind the entire discussion, I never had these programmed justifications. I mean the taboo has to come from the association with our tribal friends, right? It just amazes me how their disgusting practices permeate everything, even worse you have gentiles circling the wagons to defend their victimization.

In Gratitude
3 years ago

Read Charles Guiliani’s monumental book, “What’s Wrong With The Bible?. Whatever good is to be gleaned from the bible, was stolen from other cultures, and that is a proven fact. People were not even allowed to read or own a bible until the mid 1500’s. Today there is no excuse for willful ignorance. The fact that so many of our people still old this evil book as the ultimate truth of the Cosmos is proof positive that human beings are easily susceptible to mind control/group think.. Just think how advanced our human consciousness could have advanced if not for this horrid book, the playbook for Judaic world domination. That is why Zionist Christians are not welcomed in our home, and they fully understand the reasons… Read more »

3 years ago

Anything that has its origin in Judaism has been only destructive to the world because it is anti-Gentile to the core. This makes Christianity and Islam also anti-Gentile to the core. In Ancient times most of the world was inhabited by non-jews where they adhered to their own Gentile culture. However now most of the world adhere to a jewish religion which is all about worshipping jews, and doing that means Gentiles having to destroy their own native culture because that is a necessary step you need to take when you worship a jew religion. More than half of the world now is either christian or muslim in areas where previously non-jews followed their own gods and customs. All that is gone which makes both… Read more »

1 year ago

Saul demands foreskins!
David obliges.
Yahweh is pleased.

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