Blitz: We’re Being Barraged with Bioweapons (7-30-19)

Kyle talks about why some Africans aren’t seeking treatment for Ebola, how Lyme disease is being investigated as a bioweapon, examples of the government testing bioweapons on the public, Israeli ethnic bioweapon development, and why you should avoid antibiotics.

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4 years ago

Oh no Kyle! I have it on VERY good authority that ‘Muricuh only started their bioweapons program when “nat’see” scientists were brought here… Oh wait. The Tuskegee Experiment started in the early 30s if not earlier. Funny how the anti-Germans conveniently forget that tidbit.

Also, the “Zika” virus was mocked by Brazilian crowds during women’s soccer matches involving the US a few years ago due to the jewish media here drumming up paranoia on that supposed malady.

4 years ago

I wonder if anyone has traced the origin of these “diseases” to a definitive cause… All we have is some unknown nigger fucking a monkey (supposedly) and this “disease” morphs into a human epidemic… I can quite confidently estimate that some pissraeli corporation has agents over there as “aid” and are spreading this into the local populace to try our various bioagents. There was a box of retinas found in a kike canteen (who were there FIRST to….. help… the nigras…. yes, the izrayleez were there to……. help the Haitians, help them separate from their retinas) during the Haiti flood, so it would perfectly follow that they are up to some nefarious nonsense with bio experimentation.

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