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4 years ago

Important info, Kyle. I don’t think there is an alarm that could sound loud enough regarding the endangerment and decline of the bees. And because it’s been going on for some time, the telling of it can turn into white noise. But you did give some color to it, some urgency.

Some say that if the bees go, so do we. They are the pollinators of our continuance. Thanks, Kyle for highlighting some helpful solutions. All efforts matter.

4 years ago

Important show indeed.
Being an avid gardener, I’ve definitely noticed the shortage of honey bees especially this year. Bumbles as well.
Cucumbers are awesome honey bee attractors too, and you get cukes!
Grow them up a tomato cage…

4 years ago

What’s the german song in the opening?

Reply to  Landen
4 years ago

“Grün ist unser Fallschirm” (Remix)
Gets deleted by jt and reuploaded over and over again
English lyrics

Remove Kebab
4 years ago

The nano particles from chemtrails are killing the bees

Backgammon Player
Reply to  Remove Kebab
4 years ago

This could actually be very true. I do vermicomposting. Usually compost worms don’t try to escape the bathtub / bin / whatever container you use, if the conditions are suitable (enough food, right moisture, temp, ph). Eventually though they do try to escape / wander. It’s probably a n instinct to repopulate lost territory by droughts or floods. Not knowing and failing to inform myself about the toxicity of nano-particles beforehand, I had the idea of nano-coating the “walls” of the bathtub home of my compost worms. The idea was that an attempt to climb up would simply end by them sliding back down. But as nano-coating products are not cheap I decided to email a company first which was advertising it’s spray for cars,… Read more »

Backgammon Player
Reply to  Remove Kebab
4 years ago

I believe though that bee decline is the summary of all factors Kyle mentioned.

Btw what’s up with your nickname? Not a bad idea in general but then again: The last 100 times I checked Jews were behind the Kalergi Plan.

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