Blood Moon Bonanza w/ Drew 4-15-14

Blood moons, full moons, passover, White guys trying to kill Jewish people killing white people! OY VEY! Throw your bagels in the toaster, break out the manischewitz, and turn on your fancy calling devices because this is going to be one schmoozel of a shoah.

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10 years ago

I listen to black metal and find those white rabbit songs addictive. :p

10 years ago

I do not believe that Mr. Cross was an enemy agent. If you have hung down in the lumpen parts of society, you will see these types exposed again and again. Glenn probably believes, in some way, in the White cause, but there is a difference in the way that honorable men believe in ideologies and the way that self-absorbed dirtbags believe in them. Frazier Glenn Cross showed us decades ago what his character was, and too many of us allowed him an unreasonable benefit-of-doubt. Only those of us dedicated to our race belong here, and we must learn to detect those whose core interest lies elsewhere.

Reply to  blackacidlizzard
10 years ago

Not defending him because I really had never heard of the guy before this incident, however, it’s very strange that a former Green Beret with two tours in Viet Nam could only manage to kill two Gentiles, IF he was out to kill Jews in a Jewish institution… From the Daily Mail article here,, “A reporter with NBC affiliate KSHB said that one of their photographers spoke on scene with a man who says that ANOTHER MAN pointed a gun at him and shot the windows out of his car.” He appeared disoriented and confused when arrested. Maybe he had some kind of stroke? Maybe he was drugged and wasn’t the actual shooter? Also, if in fact he did it, he was not the… Read more »

Reply to  Michael
10 years ago

An old alcoholic who was a supply sergeant back in the seventies should be mister master assassin in 2014?

“A reporter with NBC affiliate KSHB. . .”

See, now there is some actual evidence. Tank you. If only the conspiratards fouling this site would provide the same level of rigor to their thinking. it shouldn’t be too hard.

“The only one who definitely didn’t cooperate”

Do you think that’s a fair standard? We *know* that Cross/Miller ratted, we have *no* reason to suspect that Lane, Tate, and many others did.

10 years ago

Think about the message being relayed somewhere between the lines of this alleged incident. He goes in to kill jews and kills white people instead? Reminds me of a lot of discussions ive been having about the ethnic origin of jews. Lots of people consider jews white, and i guess if we are talking about the ‘modern jew’ the Ashkenazi of which israel is mostly populated by, then its difficult to elucidate upon the differences, aesthetically speaking, due to that strain having dipped the aryan gene pool for nefarious purposes. This is why the white race takes a lot of heat for the jew world order, especially from muslims and those who follow islam, who claim to be enemies of jews and yet all i… Read more »

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