Circus Maximus: Brendon O’Connell – Int’l Intelligence Operations (3-17-17)

Nick speaks with Brendon O’Connell about his experience being imprisoned in Australia for exposing jewish subversion and then his time seeking asylum in Iran, why he left the country and is suspicious of them, how Israel is spying on everyone with their high tech companies, how psychological operations are being employed to further their ends, the role of Trump in America, the various controlled opposition operations, and much more.

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7 years ago

Bravo Brendon, Nick, and, of course, Seth.

Reply to  Brigid
7 years ago

and then later, Kyle. A GREAT broadcast, one of the best ever.

7 years ago

The enemy has been out-willing us for a long time. They hate us more than we love ourselves.
I’ll leave this video by Scott Roberts here:
Thanks for the interview Nick and Brandon and to all you 20%-ers that are doing 100% of the work.

7 years ago

A totally new perspective.
Very interesting

7 years ago

Per E. Michael Jones, in 1979 the Ayatollah was paid $2 million to prolong the ‘student’ takeover of the American embassy, until the presidential election, such that the Reagan win was assured. This after President Carter and Stansfield Turner had nearly neutered the CIA after firing over 800 of its “cowboys”, including former director H.W. Bush.

Blog: – Audio:

Problem #1 (Enemy #2) is the Jew.

7 years ago

Seth = Low talker.

Stop being timid and speak up. I often picture Seth prancing about in a white puffy shirt, Seinfeld style.

7 years ago

Gordon Bowden, an ex-RAF engineer, has done deep research into fraudulent ‘shell’ companies based in London and run by the Israelis, and involving many senior politicians and ‘Lords’. He has said in interviews that he has documentary evidence that both Press TV and RT are run by Mossad. You ought to have him on, he is not getting much exposure. In 2015 he presented stacks of documents to the BBC to show the extent of the corruption, but they have done nothing.

7 years ago

However, Brandon is totally wrong on these four main issues, National Socialism and its spiritual and socioeconomic miracles in Germany, the basis of the Jewish problem which is genetic more than anything else, the nature of Abrahamic religions as the initial mind control weapons to infiltrate and subjugate non-Jews, and the factor of race in all these.

Shawna Marie
7 years ago

Finally an Aussie that doesn’t make me cringe. Great interview Nick as always.

7 years ago

Outstanding insightful video by Brendon O’Connelll except for wrong perceptions of Hitler and National Socialism. Iran has been under jewish control ever since the Khomeini islamic revolution.

If Iran were truly against JWO and Israel, the best weapon of mass destruction would be to simply help all countries and peoples of the world understand the jewish problem. Game over for JWO!

Good performance of Jewsus ranting against his own filth race. The Shah of Iran was so wise and brave to have spoken candidly. Mahathir Mohamed of Malaysia was also stunningly forthright in exposing jewish power.

7 years ago

Terrific show, lots of good information from O’Connell.
However, I couldn’t disagree more with his declaration that “no matter what your politics we need to unite” or words to that effect. Simply, BECAUSE of people’s immature political idolizing and belief in a communist system (by its deeds alone!), those believers are NOT our allies.

7 years ago

They control this realm. I have always asked myself…..why are there soooo many willing participants in this satanic undertaking ? Hollywood, media, politics and so on……They seem to know something, seem to have been shown something we are not ‘ privileged ‘ to. They have sold their souls so to speak. They have given up on moving on…… I think. I have this very strong feeling that these ‘ creatures ‘ control the in between world as well. They have worked at this for thousands of years. They are also in control of their own reincarnation. We, on the other hand are groomed to be returned, recycled to live another live as slaves as we can not read the signs and make the wrong choices… Read more »

7 years ago

I am enjoying he conversation and thought I’d add my 2 cents worth. The guest whose name I did not catch is very agreeable, good voice and evokes relevant historical points. His voice got louder so he could be heard upon request but now it’s back as I write to the diminished again such that if I have volume set where I can hear him clearly suddenly it is deafeningly loud when the host responds. The matter of the Transfer Agreement, which was writ by a jewish author, and there may have been another thing previously about 50 documents by a judaic Lerner who may reside in Ireland; however, it is not a matter of speculation as I understand it, it definitely happened and there… Read more »

Reply to  Brendan
7 years ago

“Arguable this is better than the situation as it would be when jews have absolute total control over a subject people, such as was so in the USSR…” Jew total control over their creation, Soviet Russia, ended in the 1930s with Josef Stalin’s beginning purge of kikejew communist leaders. This was unfortunately interrupted by Barbarossa, but continued after WWII until Stalin was assassinated. An interesting 1979 “Instauration” book review (page 7) notes Stalin’s antisemitism, and the increasingly non-Marxist slant of the Soviet Union as Jews were purged: Kikejew Yuri Andropov weaseled into leadership after 1979 and eventually his underling Gorbachev destroyed what was a burgeoning (mainly White led) nationalist anti-Jew faction within Russia. This destruction was assisted by the CIA/MI6/Mossad created and funded Afghanistan… Read more »

Reply to  Bob in DC
7 years ago

Interesting post. So Stalin was not a jew?

Reply to  Skylgarir
4 years ago

Stalin was a crypto jew along the lines of Karl Marx and Weishoupt. His wives were jews and he never “took down the jews”. It was mob warfare to take out a rival don. As the mob was jewish controlled at the top on both sides? It was really jew vs jew, but, the world jewish community spun it to their advantage – “he attacked jews.” More hogwash

7 years ago

Just sharing a link. TyrannyUnmasked did an interview with O’Connell aswell. I thought it was very solid (with some visuals)

Killer of Trolls
7 years ago

Great interview but I’m sorry fuck black lives matter, terrorist racist thugs. Blacks bring the cops on themselves. Interesting info about Iran though.

7 years ago

In case this is of interest to anybody, I hereby share the notes I took for this really great and highly informative interview with Brendon O’Connell. Great interview, Nick 22min39sec planète sauvage 1973 René Laloux (surname similar to Lalou , Frank co author with Steinsaltz, Adin, of La Hagada la Pâque juive expliquée à tous, Michel, 2013) 53min30sec new lies for old 55min40sec databases/Israeli 1h04min coming en masse in Australia, another little hiding point 1h06min42sec Unit 8200 technology 1h09min14sec ~Communist training school in Paris: Ayatollah Khomeini, Ho Chi Minh, Chiang Kai-Shek 1h10min access to databases allows them to blackmail 1h11min30 Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged) very popular in the IT sector as well as with Greenspan 1h12min endgame: quantum computer centralising everything based in… Read more »

4 years ago

O’Conhell is irrelevant. Not to mention a danger to other Truthers. Stay the hell away from this abusive backstabber

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