Circus Maximus: Criminal Connections to Deep State Depravity (1-27-17)

Nick does a call in show and is quickly joined by Ralph and Greg. They discuss many of the actors involved with the controlled right wing and why they are never brought up by people who are supposedly seeking the truth.

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Ingrid B
7 years ago

“Interesting times”.. I think it was Timothy Kelly`s guest who told of the depth of human trafficking, and the trafficking of organs.. Victims of war torn countries are exploited. The children are sorted as to their assets, he likened the process to sorting the cream, the wheat, and the chafe. The cream, the attractive children, are reserved for Epstein, and the “elite”, the less attractive for others to use, and abuse. The women are sold into prostitution, and the men are sent to work in mines.. Apparently, the Clinton foundation built a hospital in the mountainous area of Haiti. The police are trained, so that if enough fat cats need an organ, so many Haitians are rounded up, their organs removed and flown up to… Read more »

7 years ago

omg Ralph’s call was the BEST!

7 years ago

Interesting topics to say the least. I loved the caller in the beginning. Too funny.

7 years ago

I heard this show on Sat, and was curious about your brief Brian Ruhe discussion, but didn’t go look at his YT channel until just now. Wow, sad stuff; it does appear something’s going on with his meds– and I mean that literally– he did disclose in a vid in the past couple months sometime how he was required to take some psych drug. I’d kept an eye on his YT channel beginning 1-2 years ago when he appeared, & JFriend was his first guest (though I may have first heard of BR through K.Barrett’s show?). Always basically liked BR; yes I see the “George McFly” nerdiness about him; but he seemed like a good & gentle egg, and he had good guests; plus he… Read more »

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