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Jake Island North
8 years ago

Just a thought I would like to throw around .. Hollywoodism symbolic of HollyVoodism ? Racism …, can it also mean to say ” narcissism ” or ” egoism . ” Can Racism be a ” narcotic ” ? Hmm. Halocaust being used to hide all the different crimes Jews have perpretrated upon us . Likely using the Halocaust to justify their crimes. John Lamb Lash …, ” reason why the White Genocide meme is in affect is because in Sophias ( Mother Earth ) correction with relation to the Archonic – Jewish infection . With the internet since 911 bringing the facts into public attention , there is a huge risk that the halocaust lie will be overturned . If the halocaust lie is… Read more »

Jake Island North
8 years ago

I have been slimed . I have been “Jewd ” … Hey Jewd ( Jude ) don’t make it bad Take a sad song and make it better Remember to let her ( Lilith) into your heart then you can start to make it better Hey Jewd ,don’t be afraid …….. Translation ; Lilith , Jewish Mythology in Babylonian Talmud … a Succubus Demon who strangled new born babies . Pending where you go , Lilith can also be Elizabeth or Isis . Lilith , Queen of Moloch . During the earlier years of the Beatles ( Jewish Creation ) all songs were written by Theo Adorno of the Tavistock Institute , an institution designed by you know who , to participate in the affairs… Read more »

8 years ago

Nick Spero is a good presenter but for me this interview was unsatisfactory mainly because “Radl” did not clearly state his thesis in relation to the Protocols up front, or at least, expound why what he (eventually) had to say might (or might not) make any *material* change to the general shared understanding of what the Protocols *say* and their significance in an understanding of the attack on Western civilization. Did his exposition add anything beyond Henry Ford Sr.’s succinct statement? Not imo, it left residues of uncertainty; an emphasis on the dubious origins of the Protocols over and beyond thier value in explaining and predicting the onslaught. Noted was “Radl”‘s difference of opinion with CJ Bjerknes. An Englishman in NY, with if I remember… Read more »

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