Circus Maximus: Dutch Nationalists (7-22-16)


Nick speaks with Michael and Bart about the situation facing them in The Netherlands and in Europe in general, the jewish question, the role of the alt right, and their views on the best ways to spread awareness and reclaim our destiny.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Good show Nick and thank you to your Dutch guests. Virtually all manufacturing in the UK was destroyed by Maggie T in the 80’s. A lot of industries were privatised for the jewish agenda and traitor fat-cats to get rich. The Maastricht treaty of ’92 was the final nail with the adoption of one currancy and a super-state. We have never recovered. I agree with your guests; jew controlled politics will never resolve our current situation. We need to follow our own pro-white agenda via propaganda. PS A modern form of National Socialism is the only way forward imo. Get our youth away from jew rabbit holes like the alt right and their freak tent. Every white person needs to be more confident and call… Read more »

7 years ago

Charley hebdo was filmed by a zionist Israel journalist as well also the Rothschilds bought the rag mag a few weeks before

7 years ago

It would be most helpful if you wrote the names of each website for Michael and Bart . I tried twice to write down the names and missed hearing correctly what they were spelling. Even the links to their sites would be appreciated as well.

Franklin Ryckaert
Reply to  simba
7 years ago

One is called The other one I could not understand.

Reply to  Franklin Ryckaert
7 years ago

Thanks so much for that information. I enjoyed Michael and Bart’s views and information coming from outside for a change.

Reply to  simba
7 years ago

The other website is
I found it a very interesting discussion, although I suppose they still have a lot to learn about controlled opposition and other jewish ways to control the narrative. But as a belgian I will try to contact them, just visited their sites, seems very promissing.
As usual great show. Best regards, Jan

Ingrid B
7 years ago

The jews infiltrate, and subvert everything, even the Palestine Solidarity, and BDS movements. They work hard, day and night. However, it is a consolation that it is becoming increasingly difficult, for them..

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