Circus Maximus: The Fetch Fills In (6-3-16)


Dennis Fetcho from Inside The Eye Live comes to us from the Middle East to fill in for Nick Spero. Topics include: how (((jews))) freak out when they are properly identified, the agenda to destroy Europeans and their culture, the history of the growing backlash, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts
8 years ago

Thank you Mr Fetcho for your dedication and commitment to our fight.
Now their deceptions are crumbling – the infantile hypocrisy will be very clear for all to see.
((( They ))) know whites are waking up!

8 years ago

nice to see this heavyweight on the radiostation. this man is a genius like charles giuliani

On the ball
8 years ago

110. 110. 110. That is the magic number. The jews must go!

Reply to  On the ball
8 years ago

Can you explain that one? Sounds interesting.

8 years ago

Brilliant fill-in.

8 years ago

RE the Fetch/Tuskin tussle from… 2011? Mami’s had a permlink to that show in their side pane for years, with the mp3 hosted at; but I notice this file’s link is dead now. It would be worthwhie to resurrect that mp3 from whatever archive it still lives at, for those just getting up to speed on this piece of history re the dinjooz’ attempts at mind/speech control.

Reply to  SammySang
8 years ago

Hi Sammy,

The audio has a cult following, to be honest, mainly via the audio file that remains hosted at kiwi6.

To listen to the audio file, you can visit The file is permanently embed on the right hand side bar. For those who are video centered, a video was made of the tussle and is available on my Youtube channel.

The direct Youtube link is

“If there were to be put together a “Best of Classic Alternative Radio”, this episode would certainly have to be considered. This episode shook the pillars of political correct niceties in the American patriot movement.

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