Circus Maximus: Jonathan Azaziah – Full Frontal Assault (4-28-17)

Nick Spero speaks with Jonathan Azaziah about the escalating conflicts involving the US, Israel, Syria, Russia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Venezuela, and other countries, being orchestrated by jewish interests to destroy their greatest threats to world hegemony. Is it possible they are meeting with more resistance than expected?

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7 years ago

Excellent guest! Very knowledgeable on the subjects discussed.

Leila Abdelmeguid
7 years ago

As usual, Jonathan does not disappoint!!

7 years ago

“Wherever the jews plant their hideous, hoofed feet…”
Wow, I REALLY like ^that.^ Excellent discussion! Jonathan is very well-informed man and I hope his message is able reach Syrians and other Arabs before the battles to come against the jewish subhumans.

7 years ago

I like the turn the discussion takes at 1:03:00. The hijacking of artifacts in areas invaded by the jews and the goyim slaves should NOT be disregarded. One of the kikes most effective weapons is to REWRITE and also ERASE history and tailor it to suit their aims.
These khazars have assumed the identity over the years of hebrew chosenites and have also disguised themselves as white Europeans in hijacking names of GERMAN lineage and this is just scratching the surface.

7 years ago

Jonathan is one of the most outspoken voices around against the Zio empire project (and their stooges) which is wreaking havoc, destruction and death in the millions in the Middle East. You can hear his blood boiling in his voice, literally. I love the articulate and rather exquisite prose of his…

7 years ago

26min40sec destroying the lush greenery
=> uniformity and ugliness to destroy both identity and spiritual aspirations; that is what it is.
I realised this over 9 days ago, at the home of a couple both over 75 years of age. Their furniture was beautiful unlike the furniture we have been conditioned to buy, which is cheap, uniform and devoid of any local identity as well as of any CRAFTMANSHIP (because produced en masse).
Smash the soul of the goyim to the lowest possible common denominator.
If only the masses could wake up to what is going on…

Jacob Frank
6 years ago

Glad to find the show. It took me 10 years as a truth seeker to finally just see that it really is the tribe that are destroying the aesthetics of existence and that they will never ever ever relent in their campaign to destroy everything beautiful in the world. Glad to listen

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