Circus Maximus: Resisting Jewish Tyranny (7-1-16)


Nick does a solo show, talking about his recent article on the Sacramento Spartans and Matt Heimbach, talks about the Myth of the Good Jew and Gilad Atzmon, deals with the Brexit vote and what may be coming down the pipeline, continues with the Communitarianism discussion, speaks to Brizer, and more.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Good show Nick. The sooner that 85yr old traitor Murdoch ‘pops his clogs’ the better. In my mind, he is the No1 ‘puppet master’ and go-between for the jews. All major governments grovel and report to him. Come on Ms Hall, do humanity a favour and bonk the last breath out of the old bastard!! I feel frustrated like Brizer. Good white people who haven’t the common sense to see they’re being invaded and genocided. What if we had a ‘RENEGADE AWAKENING’ day? Every listener/subscriber to the network/tribune/firestarter/goyim goddess goes out on the same day and time for 1hr with a simple ‘white genocide’ message directing them to the tribune. This might be what 6000 folks in various countries. Surely we can all do this… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

IMO Rupert Murdoch is just a charlatan playing the role of the right wing, ‘xenophobic’ press baron which gives the rootless left the narrative that right wing ‘rich White men’ call the shots. His total ownership of western media still amounts to single % figures. Western media ownership is spread out between lots of shareholders but they all have the same anti-White agenda

7 years ago

first time listen, what is this the anti white nationalist show

simply said
7 years ago

I agree that much knowledge is gained by reading the comments on important subjects.
On Facebook, Gilad Atzmon is definitely not a good jew according to a person that believed they were friends and both musicians. Something happened and now this gentile person is definitely revealing that Gilad cannot be trusted any longer.

Ingrid B
7 years ago

Jews using food and water as weapons of war is not new. It was done to German POWs, and is being done now to the Palestinians, and Yemenis..

The taxes the usurping, parasitic psychopaths occupying Palestine are withholding, are Palestinian taxes, which the jews control, like everything else..

Arthur Topham`s “crime” was to take a defamatory, anti- German piece written by a jew, and replace the word Germany with israel..

Ingrid B
7 years ago

Does anyone have contact details for WHOOLI, which do not involve Google, facebook, or twitter? maybe an e-mail address..

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