Circus Maximus: A Tour of Tribal Terror (3-31-17)

Nick speaks about AIPAC and the recent protests, the jewish community center false flag exposure, chemtrails out in the open, the Westminster bombing, Roger Stone in the zone, the death of David Rockefeller, and much more. He also takes calls from John Smith, Alex and Sean.

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7 years ago

Interesting topics as always. I feel bad for that Romanian guy it seems that (((they))) are really after him.

The main thing is that now a days you see a lot of people with Austim and ADHD, etc. gee I wonder why? (Most likely poisoning our everything) if not that then some type of cancer or something weird.

Ingrid B
7 years ago

@ Alex, the director of our local choir is Romanian. He and his twin brother were pretty famous pop artists in the 90s.. Did anyone hear a recent statement by the nutjob in charge of the usurping, parasitic entity occupying Palestine? He brazenly announced that there would be two more "israels", one in Libya, the other in Yemen.. Im glad there is a warming toward Chris Dorsey, and I liked the suggestion John Smith made, to re-claim the US, one state at a time..

7 years ago

good show Nick

7 years ago

A great show indeed. Nick, sorry for the loss of your friend. There is certainly something going on with all these bomb hoaxes, false threats, then a false flag in a major capital. You couple this with the new legislation in your country and elsewhere and the only possible conclusion is that they are working hard at silencing any form dissent and stepping up the Police State. Great contribution, as usual, from Alex (of Romanian parentage). I sincerely hope that things will get better for him financially, etc. Thanks, Nick, for pointing out the connection with freemasonry as regards London: the helicopter indeed displays their emblem as well as ‘London freemasons’, as anybody can find out on Images and the following keywords London helicopter… Read more »

7 years ago

53min35sec onwards, we learn that Louis Aliot is Marine Le Pen’s companion and it is claimed that Marion-Maréchal Le Pen is the illegitimate daugther of Roger Auque. Check out the video linked to from

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