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Sinead M.
10 years ago

Awesome show guys! Building communities is the next step, and I loved hearing both of your opinions on this subject. Urban: I would LOVE for you (or someone like you) to teach my future children. How cool would that be? I would want to sit in on the classes as well!! As children we were so hungry to learn, and all that we got was a bunch of un-learning. A bunch of conditioning, to be something that wasn’t true to our souls. I personally am still starving or real learning, but those places don’t exist yet. That’s why we need to build them ourselves. This show was the foundation, and I can’t wait to see where this goes!

10 years ago

Great talk Kyle & UJG! Its very encouraging to hear powerful & positive movement in the right direction close to home! UJG reminds me of my Mother in many respects! Dont forget, if you ever start that restaurant shes the absolute best cook, & very crafty as well!
Smiles + Heilsa

10 years ago

Bill, I liked what you said just before the end of the show. It was very powerful and inspiring. Even if you don’t agree with my concept of Karma, you have a lot of good Karma, Comrade.

Reply to  Jim Hardpeka
10 years ago

Thanks Jim. Are you referring to the line about a renegade revolution?

10 years ago


You’re doing a fantastic job – not just with your own show, but with all of the hard work you put into Renegade Broadcasting as a whole. You are an encouragement to all of us and we appreciate all the hosts feeding our souls with the truth.

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