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Tom in CT
10 years ago

Apologies for mispronouncing Jochen Peiper’s last name.

He was a great man who fought on the right side for the right reasons.

In the future I will cover him in more detail and will pronounce his name correctly.

10 years ago

Here is an interesting illusion: one can check how many Kosher food products are in their own kitchens, looking for a small symbol of a U or a K inside a circle or triangle stamped on products.

White Guard
10 years ago

Tom, it was a very informative, interesting show. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing more.

10 years ago

Great Show, im actually from Essen, but from a very peripheral area that almost wasnt bombed. So this was interesting for me to listen to.
Also the computer voice songs are hilarious.

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