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10 years ago

Well here’s for a positive comment from your most hostile & skeptical listener. I found your explanation of the money system easy to understand and you brought up a lot of important issues such as the Talmud forbidding them from going against their own whilst promoting exploiting of non-Jews. As you said, your explanation of how the system works is something that can be demonstrated to anyone. I’d also like to hear your thoughts on bitcoin as I came close to losing money on that whole bubble, or at least having money locked into bitcoin for some time. Would I be right in saying that recent Jewish investment into bitcoin(after posting negative stories on it) is going to result in a ‘pump and dump’ in… Read more »

rever leo
10 years ago

Tom this show was a bit sloppy. The money subject is not your strong suit. Perhaps I’m being unfair but you started very strong here. Two hours is a huge canvas, doodling is probably inevitable. A co-host would help to get your powerful info war message out.

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